Private Jet Charter to Nantucket, Massachusetts

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Nantucket, Massachusetts

About Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is an island located about 30 miles south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The island, together with Muskeget and Tuckernuck, constitutes the town of Nantucket. According to the last known census, Nantucket is home to 10,172 people, making it the least populated county in Massachusetts. The name of the island was adopted from Algonquian names, meaning ‘Island or Faraway Land.’ Nantucket was designated a National Historic Landmark District in 1966.

Popular Destination in Nantucket

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Nantucket? Even though it is a small region, Nantucket has a handful of interesting attractions to be explored. Here are some examples:

Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge: Located at the northern end of Nantucket, Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge is a habitat for hundreds of rare sea birds such as the Osprey. Popular activities here include hiking, surf-fishing, and off-roading.

Beach in Nantucket

Beach in Nantucket

Surfside Beach: It is located along the southern shore of the island, and is one of the most popular beaches in the area. Surfside Beach is a key destination on Nantucket for visitors who want to participate in water sports.

Whaling Museum: In this museum, impressive displays include the 46-foot long sperm whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling, and a Fresnel lens from the Sankaty Head Lighthouse. There is also a collection of scrimshaw art created by the whalers using teeth, and spare whale bones.

Jetties Beach: In many ways, this beach is similar to Surfside Beach. Both feature many amenities and during summer, they bustle with activity. What makes Jetties different is that its boardwalk is lined with many eateries and restaurants. This beach also enjoys calmer waves than Surfside, making it suitable for less experienced swimmers.

Cisco Brewers: A tour on the grounds of Cisco Brewers will take visitors through the vineyard, and a small cottage dedicated to every type of drink out there. Here, visitors can also sample the latest alcoholic concoctions served by experienced bartenders during the tour.

Sankaty lighthouse

Sankaty lighthouse

Brant Point Light: This is the second oldest lighthouse in the United States. It was built in 1746 but the current tower dates back to 1901. The interior is not open to visitors because it is still in use, but despite this, its historical charm as well as the adjacent beach by the same name have intrigued many tourists.

Luxury Lodging in Nantucket

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Nantucket?

  • The Wauwinet
  • The White Elephant Nantucket Island

Airports In or Nearby Nantucket For Private Jets

Interested in chartering a private jet to Nantucket, Massachusetts? Air travel to and from Nantucket is made easier by the presence of a number of nearby airports, including:

  • Nantucket Memorial Airport (ACK): This is an airport located around four miles away from the city of Nantucket. It sits at an altitude of 48 feet above sea level and has three asphalt runways measuring between 2,600 and 6,300 feet in length. It has over 160,000 aircraft operations a year. The moderate amount of traffic makes it a favorite for private jet users. Though available, hangar rental services are limited in quantity. However, aircraft refueling is available, as is maintenance and repair.
  • Barnstable Municipal Airport (HYA): The Barnstable Municipal Airport is located around 33 miles away from Nantucket. The airport sits at an elevation of 55 feet above sea level, and has two asphalt grooved runways measuring 5,400 feet in length. The airport acts as a hub for several airlines including Cape Air and Island Airlines. Services such as fuelling and hangar rentals are available from third parties based at the airport.
  • Martha’s Vineyard Airport (MVY): Martha’s Vineyard Airport is a local airport located around 36 miles from Nantucket. The public sits at an altitude of 67 feet above sea level, and has two asphalt runways measuring 5,500, and 3,300 feet in length. It records an average of 61,000 aircraft operations a year, and has 68 aircraft based at the facility. The airport was built in 1942, initially as a naval airfield.
  • Provincetown Municipal Airport (PVC): Provincetown Municipal Airport is located 55 miles away from Nantucket. This airport sits at an elevation of nine feet above sea level, and has a single asphalt runway measuring 3,500 feet in length. The relatively small airport has low traffic volume. Basic services such as aircraft maintenance are not available, though one can have their jet refueled at the airport.
  • New Bedford Regional Airport (EWB): This is a domestic airport located around 80 miles away from Nantucket. It has two asphalt runways measuring 5,400 and 5,000 feet in length. Sitting at an elevation of 80 feet above sea level, the airport is popular among chartered flight and private jet users. Third parties provide hangar rentals, aircraft refueling and maintenance services. The close proximity of the airport to Nantucket has made it a favorite for travelers visiting the city on business trips.
  • Chatham Municipal Airport (UBF): Chatham Airport is a local airport located around 50 miles away from the city of Nantucket. Sitting at an elevation of 68 feet above sea level, the airport has a single asphalt runway measuring 3,000 feet in length. It has relatively few aircraft operations, and is thus ideal for stress free private jet use. Infrastructure to and from the airport is excellent, making the transfers to and from Nantucket easy. The airport has ample parking, though hangar rentals are not available.

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