Private Jet Charter to Kuwait City, Kuwait

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Kuwait City, Kuwait

About Kuwait City, Kuwait

The capital of Kuwait, Kuwait City is considered a global city, and is the largest city in the country. Kuwait City’s economy centers around cultural and political elements. The country’s main exports are fertilizers and petroleum, which likely has everything to do with the fact that Kuwait has a petroleum-based economy. Metro Kuwait City holds approximately 2.4 million individuals. Urban Kuwait City covers over 80 square miles.

Popular Destinations in Kuwait City

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Kuwait City? Vacationing tourists will not be disappointed with Kuwait City’s sights and sounds. Some of the key attractions here include:

The Mushroom Towers and the Kuwait Towers

The Mushroom Towers and the Kuwait Towers

The Mushroom Towers and the Kuwait Towers: Looking at water towers might not seem like something a tourist would want to do, but the ones in Kuwait City are different. The Towers are nothing short of artwork, and one group in particular (the Mushroom Towers) resemble striped, funnel type structures. There are 31 Swedish-engineered water towers in total, separated into five groups. One additional pair of water towers, The Kuwait Towers, resemble a space needle, and are quite futuristic. The Kuwait Towers make up a sixth group, and one of them even has its own revolving viewpoint.

Liberation Tower: It would be unjust to talk about towers and impressive views and not touch upon the Liberation Tower. The 38th tallest, freestanding building in the world, and the second tallest freestanding structure in Kuwait City, The Liberation Tower serves multiple purposes. It is a telecommunications tower and rises 372 m above the earth. At night, the building offers a picturesque setting for a postcard, thanks to the artful lighting that illuminates the entire structure, from the base to the tip of its pinnacle height.

Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait Zoo

Kuwait Zoo: Vultures, wild turtles, and big cats help make up the 150 species of birds and animals housed here. No sterilization or preventative measures are taken to stop the animals at this zoo from breeding naturally. The only thing that keeps them apart are their separate cages. Kuwait Zoo has received criticism from certain groups for its practices; due to overpopulation, the zoo sells peacocks, sheep, deer, and ponies to the public. This has not had an impact on the number of animals left for public viewing, and actually improves the quality of life for the animals that live in the zoo.

Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum: Originally opened in 1972, this museum demonstrates the ins and outs of Kuwait’s petroleum industry. Displaying artifacts and detailing the scientific and technological processes involved in petroleum extraction are expertly explained here. Departments within the museum include a health hall, departments for aviation, zoology, space science, machinery, electronics, and a planetarium and natural history department.

Burj Al Hamam: Though one would not necessarily expect to find a waterfront restaurant in a desert city, here it is. Burj Al Hamam offers a 270° sea view from the terrace. There are a variety of reasons this restaurant is a favorite: it’s unique atmosphere, as well as the delectable Middle Eastern cuisine is heavenly. A recommended dish is the hummus with pine nuts and lamb, drizzled in lamb fat. Dishes from as far away as Armenia and Egypt can be found here; still, the focus is on Levant, with a menu heavy on seafood and grilled meats.

Luxury Lodging in Kuwait City

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Kuwait City? Here is a list of 5-star accommodation facilities in Kuwait City:

  • Costa Del Sol Hotel Kuwait
  • Hilton Kuwait Resort
  • Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa
  • JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City
  • Movenpick Hotel Kuwait
  • Sheraton Kuwait, A Luxury Collection Hotel
  • Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait

Airports In or Nearby Kuwait City For Private Jets

Looking for a private jet charter to Kuwait City? This city has a handful of airports for you to choose from. All of these airports below can facilitate private flight charters to cater to the needs of the affluent:

  • Kuwait International Airport (KWI): This is the largest airport in Kuwait City. It handles an average of 15 million passengers a year. The airport is at an elevation of 23 feet above sea level and serves as a hub for Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia. The airport is capable of handling 45 flight movements an hour. It can be used by private aircraft users in addition to commercial air traffic. All sizes of aircraft from the Airbus A380 can be accommodated at the airport.
  •  Al Qaisumah/Hafr Al Batin (OEPA): Located 80 miles from Kuwait City, Qaisumah Domestic Airport has an average of 300,000 domestic and 50,000 international passengers using the facility every year. The fact that it’s a small airport makes it ideal for private aircraft users as well. The Qaisumah Domestic Airport has four runways, three of which are around 2,400 feet long and one that is 7,200 feet long.
  • Ahwaz International Airport (AWZ): Located 100 miles from Kuwait City, the Ahwaz Airport is the busiest state owned airport in the country by passenger numbers. It acts as the hub for the state airline. The airport sits at an elevation of 240 feet above sea level and has one concrete and one asphalt runway measuring 8,600 and 2,000 feet respectively. It has an average of 174,000 aircraft movements a year.

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