Private Jet Charter to Havana, Cuba

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Havana, Cuba

About Havana, Cuba

Filled with Spanish Colonial architecture, and approximately 2,106,150 people, Havana, Cuba spans 281.18 square miles. Havana is Cuba’s capital, and boasts quite the diverse economy. Tourism, biotechnology, communications, transportation, construction, and manufacturing all thrive here.

Popular Destinations in Havana

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Havana? The city of Havana has a large number of tourist attractions that will definitely make your stay here memorable. Some of the most notable ones include:

Doña Eutemia: The true beauty of Dona Eutemia is in the taste. The restaurant is so popular because of its well-sized portions, reasonable prices, and amazing flavors. It also doesn’t hurt that this eatery is located adjacent to an aesthetically-regal cathedral. Honorable mentions from the menu includes the minced beef picadillo and the shredded beef (or ropa vieja).

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Arte Universal and Arte Cubano): Cuba is very serious about their art culture. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes further promotes this by displaying all genres of art here at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Cuban pop art, Greek ceramics, and more are on display here. Two buildings make up this collection: Arte Universal is housed in the building known as Centro Asturianas. It features three floors of exhibits including present-day works as well as historic pieces dating back to 500 BC. Just two blocks away, Arte Cubans solely centers around Cuban Art. If pressed for time, most opt for the second building, as it’s simpler to navigate.

Jazz Club la Zorra y El Cuervo

Jazz Club la Zorra y El Cuervo

Jazz Club la Zorra y El Cuervo: The most famous jazz club in all of Havana, Zorra y El Cuervo is also known and as The Vixen and the Crow. It often has long lines awaiting it’s 10 PM nightly opening time. The setting is somewhat mysterious, as it is housed in a dark, cramped basement and with a red English phone booth entryway. This club has hosted big names such as George Benson, Chucho Valdez, and is a sure way to experience the best freestyle jazz around.

Submarino Amarillo: Those wishing to turn back time can treat themselves to Submarino Amarillo. This spot offers memories of the Beatles, albeit The Beatles in Cuba. There are also various other top Cuban bands as well as live rock music played in 4/4/ time. Afternoons here are made up of video-watching, tapas nibbling, and overall relaxation.

Capitolio Nacional in Havana

Capitolio Nacional in Havana

Capitolio Nacional in Havana: The Capitolio Nacional in Havana has been compared to the Capitol building in Washington DC, but richer in detail and marginally taller. This is Havana’s most grandiose and ambitious post-World War I building. Since 1959, the Capitolio Nacional has housed the National Library of Science and Technology. Prior to that, it was the seat of the Cuban Congress. With replicas of a 24-karat diamond, bronze statues, and black granite and limestone construction, this is a must-see for archaeological connoisseurs.

Luxury Lodging in Havana

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Havana? In Havana, exquisite accommodations are plentiful. Here are some of the top examples:

  • Hotel Capri, Havana
  • Hotel Iberostar Parque Central, Havana
  • Hotel Raquel, Havana
  • Hotel Riviera, Havana
  • Hotel Saratoga, Havana
  • Hotel Tejadillo, Havana
  • Hotel Terral, Havana

Airports In or Nearby Havana For Private Jets

Interested in chartering a private aircraft to Havana, Cuba? There are numerous airports that serve Havana, and other regions in Cuba, including:

  • Jose Marti International Airport (HAV): This airport, sometimes known as Havana Airport, handles an average of 15 million passengers a year. The airport sits an elevation of 23 feet above sea level and serves as a hub for the national carrier. The airport is capable of handling 45 flight movements an hour. It can be used by private aircraft users in addition to commercial air traffic. All sizes of aircraft from the Airbus A380 can be accommodated at the airport.
  • Playa Baracoa Airport (UPB): Located 80 miles away from Havana, the Playa Baracoa. International Airport has an average of 300,000 domestic and 50,000 international passengers using the facility every year. The fact that it’s a small airport makes it ideal for private aircraft users as well. The International Airport has four runways, three of which are around 2,400 feet long and one that is 7,200 feet long.
  • Rafael Cabrera Airport (GER) : Located 130 miles away from Havana, this Airport sits at an elevation of 13 feet above sea level. It has one asphalt runway measuring 6,000 feet in length and three grass runways ranging between 2,100 and 3,280 feet in length. It is a common destination for private aircraft users. All the amenities associated with private aircraft use including aircraft maintenance and repair are provided at the airport.
  • Vilo Acuna International Airport (CYO): Ardmore Airport is a small airfield located 20 miles away from Havana. Despite its designation as a domestic airport, it happens to be one of the busiest in the region. Most of the traffic to the airport comprises small private plans. The airport has one 4,600-foot asphalt runway and two 1,700 foot long grass runways. Hangar rentals and aircraft servicing solutions are offered to clients at the airport.
  • Jaime Gonzalez Airport (CFG): This is a relatively small aerodrome located around 10 miles away from Havana. It has a single terminal with two gates, and also has two runways measuring 1,500 and 3,600 feet in length. The airport sits at an elevation of around 133 feet above sea level. It has an average of 18,700 aircraft movements a year, and has facilities for private aircraft use including hangar rentals.

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