Private Jet Charter to Fortaleza, Brazil

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Fortaleza, Brazil

About Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza is the capital city of the state of Ceará in Brazil. The city is located in the northeast region of the country and has a population of more than two million inhabitants, making it the fifth largest city in Brazil. Being one of the most populous regions in the country, it is an economic magnet for people from Ceará and far beyond.

Popular Destinations in Fortaleza

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Fortaleza? Fortaleza is a popular travel destination for both the locals and foreign visitors. Here are some of the popular attractions in this city:

Beach in Fortaleza

Beach in Fortaleza

Mucurupe, Meireles, and Iracema Beaches: These are the most popular beaches in Fortaleza. The Iracema beach is the main attraction of the Bohemia Town and is world famous for its unique sunset viewing opportunities, in addition to the Bridge of the English and the Sun City.

The Mucuripe and Meireles have some of the best seashores around the country, and visitors often attend the craft fairs that are regularly held here, as well as take part in boat rides and beach hikes.

Cocó Ecological Park: This facility covers over 1,150 hectares, making it the largest urban park in Latin America. Declared a public park in 1989 by state decree, this park features numerous nature trails along the meandering Coco River. Apart from the park being a popular site for both the locals and the foreigners, it is a key location for protecting the local biodiversity as it is home to numerous endemic plants and animal species.

Cachaça Museum: Located around 20 miles away from Fortaleza CBD, this is a unique museum-cum-theme park where visitors can learn about the history of the region and the Telles’ family history since 1854. Besides exhibiting numerous sugarcane related memorabilia, the museum also features huge oak barrels that are used for various alcohol-making applications. There are also activities such as paddle boating, archery, and paintballing offered here.

Dragáo do Mar: The Dragáo do Mar Cultural Center located in the city center illustrates the history of the people of the northeast region through numerous theater performances, art exhibitions, live music, and films about the parched backlands and Sertáo people. The center also features an extensive library and a planetarium.

Fish in a water park

Fish in a water park

Pedra da Risca do Meio: This a popular water park that is located about ten miles away from the Mucuripe Beach. Here, visitors can find different schools of fish, as well as different exotic and indigenous marine wildlife.

Porto Das Dunas Beach: Also referred to as Port of the Dunes, this site is located in the metropolitan area of Fortaleza. One of the main highlights here is the Beach Park which is a popular water park with a number of toboggans, including Insano (one of the tallest in the world).

Luxury lodging in Fortaleza

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Fortaleza? Travelers can choose from a range of hotels and resorts in Fortaleza, including the following options:
  • Carmel Charme Resort
  • Hotel Dom Pedro Laguna Beach Villas and Golf Resort
  • Hotel Gran Marquise
  • Praiano Hotel

Airports In or Nearby Fortaleza For Private Jets

Seeking a private jet charter to Fortaleza, Brazil? There are a number of both private and public airports in the surrounding regions of Fortaleza. This makes it easy to commute to and from the city by jet travel. These include:

  • Pinto Martins Fortaleza International Airport (FOR): This is an airport located around ten miles away from the city. This is a joint public/military airport that is located around 80 feet above sea level. It acts as the hub for Tam Airlines, and has a single asphalt runway measuring 8,300 feet in length. The airport serves an average of six million passengers a year, and has 70,000 aircraft operations annually.
  • Mossoro Airport (MSD): The Mossoro Airport is located around 150 miles from Fortaleza. It is a public/military airport standing at an elevation of 160 feet above sea level. The airport has one asphalt runway measuring 6,500 feet in length. It handles an average of 2.4 million passengers a year, and has over 30,000 aircraft operations annually. The airport hosts independent service providers who offer services such as aircraft maintenance and refueling.
  • Augusto Severo International Airport (Nat): This international airport is located around 300 miles from the city of Fortaleza. The airport has three asphalt runways, two measuring 5,900 feet and one measuring 8,500 feet in length. The airport sits at an elevation of 160 feet above sea level. It serves more than two million passengers a year, and has 25,000 aircraft operations annually.
  • Parnaiba Airport (PHB): Parnaiba Airport is a local airport located around 300 miles from Fortaleza. Siting at an altitude of 23 feet above sea level, the airport has a single asphalt runway measuring 8,200 feet in length. It serves an average of 2,900 passengers annually. The fact that the airport is small and serves a relatively low number of clients makes it ideal for private aircraft users.
  • Juazeiro do Norte Airport (JDO): Located around 400 miles from the city of Fortaleza, this airport mainly serves the city of Juazeiro do Norte. The public airport stands at an altitude of 1,400 feet above sea level. Handling an average of 400,000 passengers a year, the airport also has around 7,300 aircraft operations annually as well. Services including aircraft maintenance and fueling are available.
  • Dix-Sept Rosado Airport (MVF): This local airport is located around 200 miles away from Fortaleza. The airport mainly serves the city of Mossoro, but can also be used to access Fortaleza as well. The airport has a single asphalt runway measuring around 6,500 feet in length. Some of the services available at the airport include hangar rentals as well as aircraft maintenance services.

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