Private Jet Charter to Dili, East Timor

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Dili, East Timor

About Dili, East Timor

Dili is East Timor’s chief port and commercial center, its largest city, and its capital. With 18.64 square miles, Dili has a population of over 193,565 residents. There has been considerable effort to boost foreign investment and economic growth since Timor-Leste became an independent nation in 2002. Most of the economic activity centers around the oil sector. Still, it has been reported that more assistance and development for policies to promote economic freedom are needed.

Popular Destinations in Dili

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Dili? Monuments and statues are among the sights and attractions keeping visitors occupied while they spend time in Dili. Here is a list of popular attractions in Dili:

Cristo Rei of Dili

Cristo Rei of Dili

Cristo Rei of DiliIn English, Crito Rei of Dili means “Christ the King.” It stands at 88.6 feet high and is a key landmark in the area. The statue was a gift to the people of East Timor from the Indonesian government and its unofficial unveiling took place in 1996. Visitors are advised to eat a hearty breakfast prior to climbing the 500 steps that lead up to the statue itself. The body of the statue, comprised of 27 separate copper sections, took 30 workers approximately one year to complete. After shipment, which took three fully loaded trailers, another three months passed before reconstruction was complete.

Letefoho Specialty Coffee Roaster: Before tackling the 500 steps to get to the statue of Christ, visitors may want to stop in here for a good strong bolt of caffeine. Whether patrons prefer an iced latte or a flat white, these house-roasted Timorese beans provide the perfect burst of energy. Letefoho Special Coffee Roaster was the first specialty coffee shop in the area that featured Australian-trained baristas. This establishment is located in the same building that houses the Hotel Royal Beach.

Castaway Bar in Dili: The Castaway Bar in Dili is the perfect way to end an active day. A waterfront eatery, Castaway offers a beautiful view of the water. The bar is open until 1 o’clock in the morning, allowing visitors to stay for hours. Dinner and lunch specials are posted on a blackboard but two of the favorite staples in this restaurant are the homemade pies and the salt-and-pepper calamari.

Resistance Museum: Dili’s fight against the Indonesian Occupation lasted 24 years and this museum perfectly commemorates that struggle. Excellent examples of tools of communication, weapon exhibits, video recordings, and photos all merge to offer a timeline that details the struggle for independence faced by Timor-Leste. A final exhibition room hosts an impressive array of pottery, woven mats, and antique textiles unique to numerous districts.

Czar Bar

Czar Bar

Czar Bar: The Czar Bar is perfect way to wrap up the day. Sink back into a relaxing position in the sand to watch the sun set at this Aeria Branca beach side establishment. Of all the beach side offerings, this is reportedly the top-of-the-line. Visitors can decide whether they want fresh coconut water or an ice cold beer while they kick back to enjoy not only the view, but also some of the ‘backpacker favorites’ from the food menu. Recommended, surprisingly enough during the evening hours, are the pancakes.

Luxury Lodging in Dili

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Dili? Dili offers many lodging options that can make your stay a comfortable one here. Below is a list of the highly-rated accommodation facilities:

  • Arbiru Beach Resort
  • Beach Garden Hotel
  • Excelsior Resort
  • Hotel The Ramelau
  • Hotel Timor
  • Malinamoc Paradise
  • Novo Turismo Resort & Spa
  • Palm Beach Hotel Dili
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Terra Santa Residence
  • White Sands Residence

Airports In or Nearby Dili For Private Jets

Interested in renting a private airplane to Dili, East Timor? If you want to book a private jet charter to and from Dili, below are several important airports for you to consider:

  • Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport (DIL): Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport, formerly known as Comoro International Airport, is the main airport serving Dili, the capital of East Timor. The airport is serviced by several commercial carriers such as Air Timor to both domestic and international destinations. The airport sits at an elevation of 25 feet above sea level, and has a single asphalt runway measuring 6,065 feet in length and designated in the 08/26 direction.
  • El Tari Airport (KOE): El Tari International Airport is located 170 miles away from Dili. The airport is located in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggar, Indonesia. The public/military airport sits at an elevation of 335 feet above sea level and has two runways: an 8,200-foot asphalt runway designated in the 07/25 direction and a 4,100-foot dirt/grass runway designated in the 12/30 direction. The airport has a passenger turnover of slightly over one million passengers annually, and records 18,000 aircraft movements per year.
  • Maliana Airport (MPT): Maliana Airport is located 95 miles away from Dili. The airport is served by commercial air services, and can be accessed by private and chartered aircraft. The airport sits at an altitude of 235 feet above sea level. Maliana Airport has a single asphalt runway measuring 3,450 feet in length, and designated in the 03/12 direction.
  • Baucau Airport (BCH):  Located 72 miles from Dili, this is a popular destination for commercial and private aircraft users visiting Dili. The airport was formerly known as Cakung Airport and is located 4 miles west of Baucau. Baucau Airport sits at an elevation of 1,777 feet above sea level. It has a single bitumen runway measuring 8,200 feet in length, and designated in the 14/32 direction.

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