Private Jet Charter to Cuiaba, Brazil

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Cuiaba, Brazil

About Cuiaba, Brazil

Mato Grosso’s state capital, Cuiaba, is home to over 580,400 people. This city is located along the banks of the River Cuiaba, which makes it a favorite spot for all those looking to take in the sights of the water. Cuiaba’s boasts such a stellar reputation mainly due to its geographic location; being at the center of South America is not without its perks. Stretching across 1271 square miles, Cuiaba proudly features a Republic Square lined with trees, a church clock tower, and a lot of colonial architecture. Industrial products, services, and commerce are the main concentration sectors of Cuiaba’s economy.

Popular Destinations in Cuiaba

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Cuiaba? In a sense, Cuiaba offers two cities in one; it is separated by the Rio Cuiaba, and is home to a seemingly unlimited number of  churches, parks, and museums for the visiting sightseer. While outdoor excursions are sometimes hampered by the Mato Grosso’s strong sun, there are still many worthwhile attractions to include in a trip to this South American region:

Coxipo do Ouro: This neighborhood offers beauty and charm for visitors looking for something a little different. Famous for discovering gold in Cuiaba, Coxipo Do Ouro is known as the birthplace of the state of Cuiaba. Cuiaba’s first church was founded here and the style of Brazil’s colonial architecture can still be seen in all of its traditional, rustic artistry.

Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park

Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park

Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park: Bathing in the river, playing water sports, and dining at the best restaurants are just the beginning of the offerings in this resort area. Uneven terrain, waterfalls, and marshlands make hiking exciting around here. Photographers can also look out for unique rock formations and other natural elements. For fans of archaeology, prehistoric animal fossils and ancient rock paintings found at nearby dig sites are open for exploration.

Historic Center: More traditional 18th-century architecture is featured  in the impressive mansions built over the old gold mines of Cuiaba. The area’s narrow streets are mixed in with more creative architectural styles like neo-Gothic and Baroque make this attraction an important part of the area’s gold-mining history.



Pantanal: Pantanal is one of the world’s largest wetlands. Located just 60 miles from Cuiaba, Pantanal’s inhabitants include rare species of plants and animals, many of which are totally unique to the area. Nature-based features include lagoons, marshes, and a network of rivers.

Old Water Box Hill Museum: This is the perfect place to relax in the shade while still experiencing a local attraction. Because it is underground, the Old Water Box Hill Museum’s temperature is nice and cool. Historical remnants from 100 years ago include photographs as well as antique pipes used when the tank was still functional.

Our Lady of Rosario and Sao Benedicto Church: In the middle of the city’s center, on a cozy street, this church once again refers to the gold-mining era of Cuiaba. The church is, in fact, said to be built on top of old gold mines, some of which may still contain traces of gold. A good time to visit is during the Catholic festivals for St. Benedict and St. John, which are held here annually in June.

Goiabeiras Shopping Center: Offering some of the best cinemas in town as well as a variety of restaurants and shopping opportunities, this shopping center has been classified as “small but classy” and is definitely worth a visit for the avid vacation shopper.

Luxury Lodging in Cuiaba

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Cuiaba? Travelers can find a handful of hotels in Cuiaba that offer a luxurious stay, including:

  • Gran Odara Hotel
  • Hits Pantanal Hotel
  • Hotel Deville Prime, Cuiabá

Airports In or Nearby Cuiaba For Private Jets

Visitors can find a handful of airports located near Cuiaba that are well-equipped to handle private jet charter flights. These airports include:

  • Marechal Rondon International Airport (CGB): Opened in 1956, Marechal Rondon International Airport is located 6.8 miles away from Cuiaba. The airport is operated by Infraero and consists of one passenger terminal building and one asphalt runway in the 17/35 direction. The international airport has the capacity to handle more than three million passengers annually.
  • Caceres Airport (CCX): Cáceres Airport is located less than 140 miles away from Cuiaba. The airport consists of a modern passenger terminal building and one asphalt runway designated in the 17/35 direction. Airport facilities are available to house private jets and helicopters.
  • Rondonópolis Airport (ROO): Also known as Maestro Marinho Franco Airport, Rondonópolis Airport is the main airport that serves Rondonópolis. It is located 147 miles away from Cuiaba and consists of one asphalt runway designated in the 02/20 direction.
  • Sesc Pantanal Airport (SIPK): Sesc Pantanal Airport is located within a 50-mile radius from Cuiaba. The airport consists of one paved runway that is designate in the 01/19 direction. Navaids are located near SESC Pantanal Airport, including Cuiaba NDB and Fazenda Guanabara NDB.
  • Ilha Do Caracara Airport (SIYY): Ilha do Caracará Airport is located no more than 50 miles away from Cuiaba. It is a local airport that is equipped to serve domestic flights and private jet charters. The airport consists of one paved runway that is designated in the 18/36 direction.

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