What do casino, private jets, luxury yachts have in common? All of the three are confined spaces, two of them are vehicles, yet not simple vehicles for common people, but exclusive types of means of transportation that only wealthy clients can afford to rent or to buy.

Entertainment On Board Of A Private Jetprivate jet de luxe

However, there’s still a thing in common between casinos and such luxury means of transportation: recently, the private jet industry has been re-thinking the main concept of interior. In fact, the clients of private jet companies demand for more comfort and even for some extra service. And the best way to make an air flight stop to be a tedious span of time is to entertain the people on board of the private jet.

Small casino-themed areas in the interior of a private jet can be easily created, as the experience on the Boeing 777 already showed. People on board of private jet can spend their time playing a poker hand or even enjoying a nice French roulette!

rouletteInexperienced? Start With Roulette!

Imagine you are flying over the sky: the last thing you wish to have is a boring time. Casino games comes unexpectedly helpful to entertain the passengers in a cool and lively way.

Although you may be new to certain casino games, like blackjack or poker, you can always try roulette.

Roulette is, actually, an excellent way to break the ice with casino games and start to feel the strong and amazing thrills of a true Vegas-like game play. Choose a color, a number or another roulette betting option and make your bet! You will find it funny and you’ll learn by practicing the game.

Online Roulette Casino Sources

Roulette features very simple game rules – a reason why this European is so much popular among casino players of all skill levels. If you don’t want to make mistakes or to get the rules wrong, just consider this online roulette review:

  • You will see how simple the game rules of roulette can be
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  • Many bonuses and promotions wait for you
  • You can access an extensive range of roulette games, including: free roulette demo games, real money roulettes, video roulettes and live dealer roulettes
  • You can use the customer support for questions or for requesting information

Top New Casinos Promotes Best Roulette

Roulette is the queen of the casino environment, it’s impossible to find a casino in this world which doesn’t offer at least one type of roulette!

Generally, roulette games are divided into two main categories:

  • French roulette: it’s the typical basic roulette game with 36 numbers of which one 0. It offers pretty good chances of winning
  • American roulette: this game version includes an additional 0, so the total slots are 37. As a consequence, the additional 0 implies smaller probabilities to get a winning