If you love to travel, you should consider soaring on a private jet. Private jets have an amazing history and have been a staple for luxury travel. No doubt, you have been in awe when you see VIP travelers enter their private jets.

But instead of being in awe of others, why don’t you consider flying on a private jet?

Thanks to the mass production and development of private jet companies, it is now easier for anyone to fly on a private jet.

We’ve put together this guide for you to learn the basics of traveling on private jets.

Everything To Know About Private Jets

While traveling on private jets has become more affordable, you should also research how much it costs to travel on a private jet. This can help you decide whether to own or charter a private jet and what model is best suited for you.

Here’s what else you should know about private jets:

1. Amenities

One of the best aspects of flying on a private jet is the service. You won’t have to forgo any amenities or service from flight attendants. In fact, it will be better than anything you’ve experienced before – even if you’ve traveled business class or first class.

Private jet flight attendants have amazing stories to tell, and by learning about their experiences you can consider the type of service, amenities, and adventures you’ll want on your private jet.

2. Buying A Jet

You may decide to buy a private jet to have it all to yourself. The cost of a private jet will vary and there are several factors to determine the cost.

You have to consider whether you want to purchase a new private jet or a used one. You want to consider whether you want to purchase the latest model of a private jet or an older model. You also want to consider what amenities you want on your private jet.

The factors that raise the cost will also depend on the seller. You can buy a private jet from an existing owner or from a company. Or you can buy it directly from the brand that creates the jets.

3. Chartering A Jet

The second option is to charter a private jet. This is when a jet is owned by someone else or by the company, and you only hire it for a flight.

This is the more affordable option. You want to make sure that that the jet is reliable and is well-maintained. It is always better to charter a jet through a private company as opposed to an individual owner.

Chartering through a known company will ensure the quality of the jet. You can also be sure that you are using a more recent model. You will also be able to purchase amenities and services at an affordable price.

4. Consider A Membership

Many private jet companies will offer a private jet membership. This membership allows you to pay a subscription fee in exchange for flying a certain number of miles per year.

You have to put forth a deposit, and will be able to fly the equivalent number of miles in a year that corresponds with your deposit. If you fly regularly, particularly if you travel abroad, you may want to consider a private jet membership.

This membership is especially useful if you run a business and require your employees to travel frequently. Instead of having to individually pay for each employee, you can purchase one membership for the company. Then, you can charter jets for when your employees need to travel.

Before You Travel

If you’ve made it this far, you are eager to travel on a private jet as soon as possible. But before you hop on board, make sure you consider the following before you travel:

1. Your Wants

What are your ‘wants’ when it comes to private jet travel? If you just want to get to your destination as fast as possible, consider a small jet. These are comfortable to sit in but not to stand up and walk around (they have a cabin height under 5 feet). 

You also want to consider what amenities you want. If you have a longer flight – particularly going abroad, why not enjoy amenities such as a television, haute cuisine, and in-flight service?

2. Your Needs

Next, consider your needs. If you are traveling solo, you can opt for a smaller private jet. If you need to accommodate a larger group, opt for a mid-size or larger jet.

You also need to consider how much luggage you are bringing and what will fit on the plane. If there are any additional accommodations needed, make sure these are discussing prior to purchasing or chartering a private jet.

If traveling with a group, make sure you ask them for their needs to see if the private jet can accommodate it.

3. Your Flexibility

You want to consider what your flexibility is with traveling. You want to make sure that the private jet company (if chartering) can accommodate it. Can you change your travel dates at a whim?

Ask if the private jet company can change your travel dates if needed. Ask if they can do it at no additional charge or without incurring any penalties.

You want to also consider your flexibility. If traveling solo, you may like a mid-size flight with many amenities. But are you flexible with opting for a smaller private jet that doesn’t have many amenities?

If you are flexible with your travel dates and with your wants, you will have a greater number of options when chartering a private jet. You will also find that you are able to save money.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Now that you know everything there is to know about traveling on private jets, we hope to see you on one soon! Traveling on a private jet is the best travel experience you can have. We encourage you to do it soon.

And we’d like to help! Check out what we offer for private jet charter.