Private jet charters offer travelers options not available to those who fly on commercial airliners – especially when the weather outside is not conducive with your travel plans.

Major airports delay — or even cancel flights — when ice is present or threatening. On the other hand, while ice poses an equal threat to smaller aircraft, private jets have access to thousands of airports that aren’t open to large commercial jets.

Private Jets Can Use Alternative Airports

Weather conditions and cold temperatures can vary within a state, and even a city. While one airport may have been completed blasted with ice or a foot of snow or more, another airport just several miles away can be unscathed by winter’s wrath. This means private jet charter pilots can switch to an airport unaffected by weather, which is not usually an option afforded commercial airlines.

De-Icing: A Quicker Process with Private Jets

In the event of ice storms, and other storms, preparation is the key to successfully dealing with winter weather. De-icing solution is one of the tools we use to ensure our jets are able to take off safely even when the weather isn’t cooperating. The de-icing solution removes buildup of ice or snow from the jet’s exterior by melting it quickly and making it safe to fly.

Because there is a much smaller taxiway and fewer aircraft in the area, smaller airports, which private jets can use, can make the de-icing and snow removal process much more swift. Plus, many private jets are housed in hangers, keeping them out of the frigid cold and reducing the de-icing needs.

Private Jet Travel Allows for Flexible Schedules in Dealing with Ice Storms

Ice Storm

Ice Storm

Beyond the logistical possibilities of switching airports, private jets offer greater flexibility to get up and running once the ice is cleared much faster than airlines that take on hundreds of passengers, all with connecting flights to make on time. It can take long hours, if not days, for airlines to return to their normal flight schedules, while private jets offer much almost instant scheduling.

Weather and Your Private Jet Flight

Private Jet in snowfall

Jet in snowfall

Whether you are taking a private jet charter to Aspen or Atlanta, winter weather can have a direct impact on the safety of your flight. At Presidential Aviation, we understand the critical role weather plays in a safe flight.

In order to avoid storms that could lead to further damage or complications, our pilots stay informed through radio and satellite imagery about the location and velocity of storms that could impact flight safety. More often than not, they are able to fly above or around storms and miss them completely. If this is not the case, jets will deviate from their original flight paths in order to avoid the storms.

The weather is unpredictable. No matter how accurate forecasting has become, the weather has a mind of its own when it comes to flight paths intensity and durations of storms. Until we are able to really pin down these predictions, it is important to work with private jet charter companies, like Presidential Aviation, that not only respect the power weather has over things like flights, but also has the knowledge, ability, and flexibility to work around many weather-related problems as they arise.