Decades ago, air travel was all about luxury and style.

Now, there are thousands of incidents of passenger violence every year. Airports have become a cesspool of crowds and tyrannical security procedures.

It is no wonder that the private jet industry has taken off.

The number of private jet flights has increased more than seven percent since 2019. Wealthy travelers realize that taking a private jet is within reach and a superior experience to commercial air travel.

If you are looking for a more exclusive travel experience, keep reading to learn how to book a seat on a private jet.

The Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Imagine arriving at an airport of your choice only a short time before your flight. You don’t have a grumpy security official asking you to remove your shoes, belt, and expensive watch. 

There are no surprises, like last-minute cancellations or delays.

Instead, you get driven up to the door of the plane you have chosen. You decide when it leaves. 

Then, you can sink into a luxury leather chair and relax in peace. There are no distractions if you have work to do. If you are going on holiday, you will arrive feeling fresh and invigorated. You have all the privacy you need.

What a dream!

Even the best first-class cabin leaves you at the mercy of crowds, security lines, and lost luggage.

Private jets are no longer the reserve of celebrities or the ultra-wealthy. The fast growth in the industry has put it within reach of those who are happy to pay a little bit more for a more luxurious and comfortable experience.

How to Travel by Private Jet

You have several options available if you want to fly in a private jet.

The most common way to do this is to charter an aircraft for yourself or a group of friends and family. In this case, you will be flying in a jet that is owned by a business or a wealthy individual.

They allow their aircraft to be chartered when they are not using it to cover expenses.

Private Jet Charter

When you charter an aircraft, you have maximum flexibility and control. The entire plane and its staff are at your disposal. 

You can charter a small turboprop that seats eight people or a long-range plane that can carry up to 18 people if you are a bigger group.

Here are some special occasions that may warrant chartering a private jet for added privacy and exclusiveness:

  • Family holiday
  • Business travel
  • Honeymoon
  • Wedding party
  • Bachelor or bachelorettes party
  • Birthdays

The private jet experience can be a memorable part of your special occasion. You can celebrate onboard with special meals and drinks without worrying about the presence of other passengers.

You can also get a bespoke vacation planned for you with multiple stops.

Part-Ownership of a Jet

If traveling by private jet is something you plan to do regularly, it could be worth it to buy stakes in an aircraft.

This is known as fractional ownership. Depending on the shares you buy in the aircraft, you will have a certain number of hours you can fly. This allows you less flexibility, especially during peak travel seasons. 

You will also need to follow the schedules of the other owners when it comes to availability.

Jet Card Memberships

This system is the most similar to traditional air travel. Some companies allow you to pay a membership fee, which allows you access to a private jet.

You are then able to choose and buy flights. However, the schedule will already be set, and you will not have a say in when the plane departs.  

Empty Leg Flights

When someone has chartered a flight to a specific destination, the jet will often return to its origin point, or another location, with no passengers on board. These are known as empty leg flights.

Charter companies often offer tickets on these flights at a lower price. This gives you all the advantages of luxury air travel at a more affordable rate. 

The best way to book such seats is to find an aviation company and look on their website or contact them directly about good deals.

Private Jet Tips 

If it is your first time flying on a chartered plane, you may be looking for a private jet guide.

It is important to know that if you have special requests or dietary needs, you should let the company know a few days ahead of time. When flying by private jet, you can request anything you want to eat. You can even ask the crew to procure a meal from your favorite restaurant.

They will also help you celebrate a special occasion if it requires special food and beverages.

Private jets are equipped with in-flight entertainment systems. They also often have Wi-Fi available.

If you have any questions, your flight crew is there to help. Sometimes, you will be able to chat with the pilot or visit the cockpit during the flight.

Another bonus when flying on a private jet is that you can bring your pets with you on board. Flying can be a very stressful experience for animals, especially when they have to travel in the hold.

You will still need all the correct documents, but you will be able to keep an eye on your pet and reassure them during the flight.

How to Book a Seat on a Private Jet

Nobody wants to feel stressed out before a holiday or business trip. If you want to escape the chaos of commercial air travel, it is time to book a seat on a private jet. Your best options are to charter the flight or hop on an empty leg.

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