When choosing your private jet aircraft, one of the most important details to know, particularly for anyone dealing with time constraints, is how fast various private jets travel. There are many times when the speed of the aircraft and the travel distance, may require you to consider a different size aircraft than the number of passengers or cargo would typically require.

Pilots in a plane cockpit and clear blue sky

Pilots in a plane cockpit and clear blue sky

With private aviation, you will save a great deal of time over commercial airliners by avoiding the lengthy boarding process and additional time is saved by flying directly to your destination, which is not always possible on commercial airline flights, which furthermore sometimes require lengthy layovers between flights. Invariably, private aviation is the faster route.

Private Jet Average Speeds

Different private jet classes will have different average speeds. Within charter jet categories, however, there are some aircraft that are faster than others. These are the average speeds for the different categories of private jets.
Heavy Jets, SuperMid Jets and Midsize Jets – 400 to 500 mph / 350 to 455 knots
Light Jets – 400 to 480 mph / 350 to 430 knots
Turbo Props – 220 to 315 mph / 190 to 275 knots

Of note is that both the Gulfstream G650 and the Citation X can fly at 565 knots.

One knot is equal to one nautical mile per hour, which is 1,852 meters.

Gulfstream GIV Cockpit

Gulfstream GIV Cockpit

Mitigating Factors that Affect Business Jet Charter Flight Speeds

It’s not just the speeds planes are capable of flying that impact how fast you’ll reach your destination. There are other factors that have profound impacts on speed, such as:

● Headwinds
● Jet Streams
● Turbulence
● Weather
● Flight Altitude

Altitude is another factor that affects jet speed

Altitude is another factor that affects jet speed

All of these factors, in addition, to the specific private jet, play a role in the speed of the aircraft.

Making Up for Lost Time with Private Charter Flights

Flexibility is one of the most critical benefits of private jet charters. You get to determine the time your flight leaves so that it’s the time that is most convenient for your needs. You can leave for longer flights at the end of the business day or plan overnight flights so your team is able to sleep on the flight and arrive ready to go.

Business capabilities on private jets also allow you to conduct business during the flight if you’d rather take advantage of the time spent in transit to take care of last-minute preparations, conduct research, or teleconference with the home office. You also have privacy that’s unavailable on airline flights in order to make conducting business during the flight even more practical.

Finally, you have access to more airports, including regional airports, around the world than commercial airlines’ service. This means you can land much closer to your actual destination, substantially reducing commute times.

Presidential Aviation understands how important and valuable your time is. Call us today to schedule your private jet charter. We will work with you to make sure you have the right jet to get you to your destination of choice at the right time because we understand that it’s about more than how fast private jets travel.