There are about 21,979 private jets that are currently active across the globe. With people wanting to reach their destinations whether for work or leisure, quickly, the demand for a private flight is often high. This leaves potential flyers wondering how far can a private jet fly so that they have an idea of where they can go and how fast they can get there.

New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo are epicenters for executive travel and they are often the top destinations for working professionals that travel internationally. Tahiti, Maui, and Paris are three of the top destinations for those flying for leisure. Private jets save you time, so much so that you could experience a difference in a flight from the U.S. to Paris by as much as nine hours if you flew private versus commercial.

Flying private is a form of luxury and while it’s not far out of reach to tap into this type of luxury mode of travel, it’s not hard to tap into transatlantic, transpacific, transindian, or even transpolar flights either. Keep reading to learn just how far a private jet can take you and how fast you can expect to get there.

How Far Can a Private Jet Fly?

So, how far can a private jet fly? A private jet range will usually span between 2,000 and 10,000 nautical miles. There are different long-range private jets so how much distance they can cover will depend on the size of the jet itself.

The weight that the aircraft is carrying will also make a big difference in how fast it can travel and how far it can travel before refueling. The fuel capacity of a private jet generally ranges between 134 and 222 gallons every hour. Fuel capacity will also depend on the size and weight of the aircraft.

The Boeing Business Jet 777X, for example, is the longest-range private jet and can travel about 11,645 nautical miles. This aircraft burns at least 48 pounds of jet fuel for every nautical mile. 

On average a private jet can travel anywhere for five to six hours before they need to be refueled. Some can fly for 16 hours before refueling. One of the best options for the longest range private jets that can travel for the farthest distance without needing to be refueled is the Bombardier Global 7500.

What Are Long Range Private Jets?

Long range jets are the luxury option to the already luxurious selections of flying with a private airline or agency. Global travel is more simple with long range private jets as they can accommodate a variety of passengers which is great for families or large groups. These jets are equipped to travel long distances without the need to refuel for longer periods.

This means bypassing layovers and increased space and comfort. Having an advanced private aircraft in your travel plans makes faster flights more possible as well. You could get to London in only six hours or Tokyo within seven hours.

The popularity behind private travel comes from the significant time savings and convenience. By the time an entire family travels to an airport, coordinates parking, goes through security and gets to their seats, that’s multiple hours wasted.

Not to mention, that when families are traveling together or large groups are traveling, you will often be separated on a flight unless you book your trips early. A private flight doesn’t raise these potential issues.

The Differences Between Flying Private and Flying Commercial With an Upgraded Class

There are some key differences between flying private and flying commercial regardless of the class that you choose. Even when flying business or first class, you are still limited to the seat that you can have. Commercial flights restrict the way that you can travel whereas private flights give you more space and more freedom.

Even the price of flying private versus commercial could even out at a certain point. While a private jet can range in the thousands per hour, if you are a frequent flyer, there are often memberships and deals that could make the price worth it compared to flying commercial multiple times a month. Also, the advantages outweigh the hassle that flying commercial often present. 

A few things that you might notice that a private jet offers are;

  • Maximized effectiveness
  • Faster departure and arrival times
  • Less crowding
  • Personalized service
  • Traveling based on your own schedule
  • Actual privacy

In comparison, commercial flights don’t offer as many advantages. Flyers will notice;

  • Crowded airports and expensive tickets each time a flight is needed
  • Commutes to and from the airport with shuttling
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lower end service

Unfortunately, commercial flights require a lot more coordination. These flights only have access to larger airports as well.

It’s often more convenient for frequent flyers to fly private because these planes have access to a wider network of airports. Chartered long haul flights are good alternatives to commercial red eyes and are great options to achieve fast arrivals for short-term trips, meetings, vacations, and one-day stays. 

Save Time With Private Flights

Those looking into fast and comfortable travel often wonder “how far can a private jet fly”? Private jets can make long-distance trips with less hassle and adapt to the trips that passengers want to make. Travelers get executive treatment with high-end service, no wait times, and better travel efficiency.

Private flights are popular among families that want to have a customized mode of transportation for their vacations, high-profile individuals who value privacy, and professionals that frequently travel for business. To take the way you travel to another level, get in touch with our team to learn more about chartering a private flight.