Business travel was one of the biggest industries affected by the pandemic. This pandemic has forced everybody to put their business travel on hold and do more business remotely. 

Even when Covid-19 restrictions started to loosen up, it appears that this type of travel may have permanently changed. 

A lot of businesses use to use a business class on commercial aircraft to send their employees and associates to a destination for their business. 

Now, some businesses have chosen to go the private jet route to conduct their business.

There were 3.3 million business private jets in the air in 2021. That number is a 7% increase from 2019. 

The question is, does a private jet actually benefit businesses? Does it save them money on travel? 

This guide will explain the benefits of private jet travel for your business. 

Using Regional Airports 

One of the biggest benefits of private jets is that your plane does not have to go to the major airport in that city. A lot of bigger cities have smaller and more regional airports that are not only near the major airport but also closer to your potential final destination. 

That is because these airports are smaller and do not need nearly as much space as major airports for commercial aircraft. Not only are the planes that are flying into these airports smaller but there are also typically a lot fewer planes coming into that airport. 

Some of the busiest airports in America tend to have traffic when a plane is getting ready to take off and even when it is getting ready to land. With regional airports, you all but eliminate this concern and you end up saving some time. 

Also, major airports tend to be on the outskirts of a major city. That means if you are flying on a commercial aircraft, it can take you up to an hour to get to the center of a major city. 

A more regional airport can position you closer to that city center because they do not need the space of a major airport. 

On top of this, airplanes usually have to pay fees to the airport to land and take off at that airport. These fees are usually a lot higher at a major airport than at a regional airport, so you can save a little money going the latter route. 

Taking Advantage of Empty Leg Flights 

Another way that your business can save money on travel costs is by strategically planning your business travel around empty leg flights. 

For those new to the private jet world, you may be wondering what an empty leg flight is. Well, that is a good question. An empty leg flight is when a plane has to go a certain route to either reposition it or fly it to a destination that was already booked by another charter. 

What this means is that no matter what, the plane has to fly to the destination. This can leave the jet in a situation where they have to pay to get it over there and all of the seats available on that plane are empty. 

Well, this is where empty leg flights come in. Most private jet companies will give you the option to buy a seat on one of these flight routes. It allows them to make some money back for their expenses while giving them the convenience of getting you to your final destination. 

Some businesses and private jet passengers choose to aggressively go after these types of flights because the savings on a seat is often significant. You can save up to 75% of the cost compared to a normal charter seat. 

Smart spending by businesses here can help save them a fortune on travel costs while providing practically all of the same benefits as a normal private jet. 

Splitting the Cost 

On a commercial aircraft, you are only expected to pay for the seats that you use. With that in mind, there is more of a fixed price going that route than the private jet route. 

With private jets, you are typically expected to charter the whole aircraft. On paper, this can sound scary because you may be paying for 12-15 seats up front at first. 

However, there are ways that you can save a decent amount of money on this cost. One of the easiest ways is to find another small group and split the cost with them. 

Let’s say that you are chartering an aircraft that can fit up to 15 passengers on it. You want to get a private jet but you only need six of the seats that are on it. 

Instead of eating the entire cost of the jet, you have the option of finding another group to potentially share the jet with. If you find another group of six that is willing to go with you, you can make a $50,000 jet turn into a $25,000 one for a flight. 

This not only has the benefit of slashing your travel costs in half but it can also allow your business more networking opportunities. This can be with a business that you work closely with or even a client that you have a very good relationship with. 

Use Business Private Jets 

These are just three of the ways that you can save money on business private jets. These jets offer a convenience that commercial aircraft just cannot keep up with. On top of this, you have flexible costs and certain routes that can bring your travel costs significantly down. 

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