For those who are interested in the powerful combination of quality, performance, and style when it comes to luxury private jet aircraft, the Avanti EVO by Piaggio Aerospace is the embodiment of those high standards. The Italian-built jet is a twin turboprop that features speeds of up to 460 miles per hour, a range of 1,980 miles, and a 68 percent reduction of external noises coupled with a 20 percent reduction in cabin noise, according to Robb Report.

Not only is the all new Avanti EVO upgraded for better performance, but it also sports a sleek new look. The new looks aren’t all about style, though. The addition of winglets and five-blade propellers allow the jet to operate more efficiently while also aiding in the stark reductions of cabin and external noises mentioned above. In other words the stylish upgrades to the aircraft’s exterior improve efficiency, reduce private jet charter costs, and help create a flight that’s more comfortable for passengers and crew.

A Stylish Arrival via Private Jet Charter with the Avanti EVO

Of course, those on the ground will only see the sleek and stylish exterior of the Avanti EVO, which is light years beyond other turboprops currently on the market. However, those flying on the Avanti EVO will appreciate the stylish luxury of the jet’s interior as well.

The interior is quite roomy by turboprop standards and, depending on the chosen floor plan, can seat up to nine passengers. The seats are also spacious with the Avanti EVO offering the most “space per seat” in its class of aircraft. The cabin offers plenty of room for most people to stand with five feet and nine inches of headspace and six feet and one inch of width – offering room for passengers to relax in comfort during their flight.

Other Features of the Avanti EVO Worth Getting to Know

Another advancement in technology and capability with the Avanti EVO is the fact that it now has a steep approach and climb certification. This means that the aircraft has a wider range of airfields in which it can land. This increases options for businesses interested in landing as close to their target destinations as possible as well as those located near airfields they’ve had limited access to in the past.

The big news for most, though, are the many safety upgrades made in the Avanti EVO. The designers of this aircraft have pulled out all the stops to reduce pilot workload, which will, in turn, reduce pilot fatigue. Among the improvements are a new automatic steering system, the latest technology in the cockpit including the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, and an upgraded anti-skid braking system.

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