Flying to Long Island for business, pleasure, or simply spending weekends with your family is much easier when you fly private into Farmingdale, NY Republic Airport. Not only is Republic Airport Long Island’s Executive Airport, but it also provides easy access to the NY Route 110 Business Corridor.

Long Island City Skyline

The skyline of Long Island.

Business aviation is a $150 billion industry in the United States that employs more than 1.2 million people, according to the National business Aviation Association or NBAA, and Republic Airport in Farmingdale represents excellence in the industry with a track record for providing excellent customer service, a prime location, and none of the typical departure delays passengers experience when flying into or out of most airports in the New York City area.

The location is perfect for anyone interested in gaining fast and easy access to Long Island and the many attractions the area has to offer while enjoying convenient access to New York City, which is only one hour from Farmingdale, and the many business, entertainment, and cultural attractions the city has to offer.

Fixed Base Operators at Republic Airport

Republic Airport is home to two fixed based operators (FBOs) giving you options for critical services such as aircraft fueling, executive terminals, baggage services, catering, and other essential services.

Atlantic Aviation and Sheltair are the two FBOs that service the needs of passengers flying into and out of Republic Airport. These FBOs are largely responsible for the outstanding reputation Republic Airport has for offering superior service. In other words, they go a long way toward making this Long Island landing spot a prime destination for many corporate jet travelers.

Long Island Attractions

The key for flying private aircraft into Republic Airport is the easy access they provide to Long Island attractions, like Walt Whitman’s Birthplace, Montauk Point Lighthouse, Camp Hero State Park, and even the American Airpower Museum – a museum whose stated mission is to preserve the “legacy of all Americans who have sacrificed themselves to defend our liberties and to educated a new generation regarding the courage, valor, and heroism of our nation’s citizen soldiers.”

The American Airpower Museum accomplishes this by providing access to the operational aircraft and armor used for these purposes as part of the museum’s collections and exhibits. It just so happens that the American Airpower Museum is conveniently located on the Republic Airport property making it an easy addition to your itinerary.

 Long Islands coast being battered by waves

The coast of Long Island.

Going along with the aviation theme, Long Island is also home to the Cradle of Aviation Museum, which is a fun choice for entertaining and educating the entire family not only on the history of aviation, but also the role it has played in advancing technology.

You might also make the time to visit the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum (if you visit during the main season for the museum) or the Long Island Maritime Museum which explores the history of weather, human error, and sheer bad luck have given the waters surrounding Long Island the nickname of “Valley of Shipwrecks.”

Of course, the main attraction for many visitors to the area are the stunning waters surrounding the peninsula that is Long Island. Whether you plan to swim on Fire Island, boat, or fish in the waters nearby, the waters of Long Island provide many opportunities for great fun for the entire family.

Whether you have plans to visit New York City to take care of business or your trip is more personal in nature, take advantage of the many services offered at Republic Airport for rental aircraft and more.

Presidential Private Jet Vacations specializes in arranging fully bespoke customized travel experiences to suit their guests’ interests and lifestyles to destinations, like Farmingdale, around the world.

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