In addition to being one of the biggest hubs for air traffic in the United States, Atlanta is a destination in and of itself with a rich history and thriving business district to boast about. Flying by corporate jet to Atlanta, for business or for pleasure, can save a great deal of time, is convenient, and offers easy access to some of the biggest historical attractions and business destinations Atlanta has to offer.

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

Embrace Atlanta’s Rich History

Atlanta is a city that plays a prominent role in U.S. history, including in the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement. Anyone interested in exploring the history of Atlanta as it relates to the Civil War can find plenty of outstanding opportunities to study the past. These are just a few of the attractions that might appeal to history buffs who have their eyes set on learning more about the war that once tore this nation in half.

Atlanta History Center – While not devoted solely to the Civil War, the Atlanta History Center is home to one of the finest exhibits in the country that explores the Civil War.

The city of Atlanta plays a prominent role in U.S. history.

The city of Atlanta plays a prominent role in U.S. history.

Oakland CemeteryOakland Cemetery is the final home for some 3,000 Confederate and 16 Union soldiers. It is also home to some very prominent residents including Maynard Jackson who was the first African American mayor of Atlanta, Pulitzer Prize winning author Margaret Mitchell, and Edwin P. Ansley who developed Ansley Park.

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, GA

Cyclorama Civil War Museum – While the museum is currently closed while undergoing renovations it is slated to open, in part, in 2017 with renovations continuing until 2018 when there will be a full reopening of the museum.

Atlanta is the city that Sherman ordered burned during his march to the sea. While it was dramatic in the film depiction, the act was one that left Atlanta, a powerhouse of business and commerce at the time, in ashes. It took a while to recover, but Atlanta did rise from those ashes and is now a thriving city once again.

With its rich Civil War history it seems that Atlanta is the perfect stage for an even richer Civil Rights history.

Ebenezer Baptist Church – The church where Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Jr. both served as pastors.

National Center for Civil and Human Rights – Dedicated to the cause of global human rights the National Center for Civil and Human Rights seeks to inspire visitors to engage in thoughtful productive discussions about human rights in their own communities and around the world.

The King Center – Embracing the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his strategy for non-violence as the path toward ending racism and poverty (and ultimately bring about peace), The King Center hosts about one million people each year.

Other historical attractions you might want to keep in your list of things to see include the following:

  • Southeastern Railway Museum
  • William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum
  • Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

Flying to Atlanta by private airplane allows you to control your schedule so that you can visit some or all of the attractions mentioned above in your pursuit of historic knowledge and enlightenment.

Taking Care of Business in Atlanta by Plane

In 2010, Atlanta was number seven on the list of most visited U.S. cities. It is home to many business conferences and the world headquarters for many large corporations including Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Rubbermaid, and Home Depot. It In addition to big business in Atlanta, which there is plenty of, there are also many thriving small businesses that make up the complex business culture within the city. Forbes lists Atlanta as the number five “Best Places for Business and Careers” in the country and that is quite impressive.

From bohemian type boutiques to glamorous megastores and small shopping centers to giant malls, Atlanta has a little something for everyone when it comes to engaging in commerce.

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