If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Houston, Texas with the family, flying private aviation is an ideal way to go. Traditional commercial travel is an endless series of lines followed by long hours of bored children and teens. Flying by private plane takes the endless waits out of the equation so you can get busy enjoying the many fun, family-friendly attractions Houston has to offer.

Fly private aviation to Houston, Texas.

Fly private aviation to Houston, Texas.

Visit the Houston Space Center

Many children, around the world dream of growing up to be an astronaut. Let your children explore the things actual astronauts have seen, experienced, touched, and eaten at the Houston Space Center.  The Houston Space Center is the only Smithsonian Affiliate located in the Houston area and attracts more than one million visitors each year.

The purpose of the facility is to educate about science and space in an engaging and entertaining manner. It’s a great place to visit for kids of all ages – even those who gave up dreams of becoming astronauts years ago.

Attend the Houston Texas Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Houston Texas Livestock Show and Rodeo takes place beginning March 7, 2017 and lasts through March 26, 2017. It is the largest livestock show in the world and has been a vital part of the cattle industry landscape in Houston since 1932 when it first began.

Today, the event attracts 2.4 million people from across the globe with a purpose of educating, promoting scientific research for the cattle industry, and raising money to provide scholarships for students pursuing careers in agriculture.

While the purpose is educational and scientific, the spectacle is pure entertainment for many visitors who come each year. Flying by private plane leaves you free to rest and relax on the flight so you can enjoy the show once you land.

Explore History aboard the USS Texas Battleship

Visit the last battleship to participate in both World War I and World War II during your visit to Houston. The Texas Battleship, located on Independence Parkway, is just outside of Houston in La Porte, Texas.

While the history of the battleship in service to the country is important, it is perhaps the story of how it made the journey to Texas that is most compelling. Once the shop was decommissioned, the U.S. Government offered it to the state of Texas provided the state cover the cost of transporting it to Texas. The governor felt there was no room in the budget so school children throughout the state began a campaign to raise money to bring the battleship home. They fell short of their goal but created a political firestorm that left the governor no choice but to find the funds to make it happen, according to Texas Chronicles.

Scare Your Kids Straight with a Visit to Scream World

People from all walks of life appreciate a good scare once in awhile. Scream World in Houston is a haunted house that is open year round. It features five different attractions and provides a very unique travel experience for one and all. While this may not be appropriate for younger children, older children and teens are sure to find this an incredibly memorable experience you shared together.

Expose Your Family to New Foods and Culinary Experiences

Houston offers a wide variety of cuisines that are sure to appeal to the masses. As the most populated city in Texas, it has a few unique things to offer visitors adventurous enough to leave the world of chain restaurants and five-star establishments behind for authentic Tex-Mex, Texas Barbecues, crawfish boils, and unique Chinatown experiences.

Enjoying family time in Houston.

Enjoying family time in Houston.

Relax in The Coastal Island of Galveston

Just about one hour drive from Houston, Galveston is a tourism magnet for the state. In 2015, more than 6,000,000 visited traveled there. With vintage bed and breakfast inn, resort communities, and beachfront condominiums, families have plenty of accommodations to explore the Galveston beaches, Island Historic Pleasure Pier, and the educational tourist destination Moody Gardens, where giant glass pyramid are home to sharks, monkeys and other animals.

Galveston Island

Galveston Island

With so many wonderful adventures for families to enjoy in Houston, Texas, you will wonder why you waited so long to make the trip. Flying by private airplane takes all the hassle out of traditional commercial flying for an experience that mom and dad are sure to enjoy as much as the children and teens.

The bespoke travel arm of Presidential Aviation specializes in arranging fully bespoke customized travel experiences to suit your interests and lifestyle to appealing locations, like Houston, Texas, around the world.

Contact us today and let us deal with all the details so you can focus on building beautiful memories with your family in Houston, Texas during your trip instead.