There are many elements that impact the costs of private jet charter flights. Changes in any one of these areas can greatly impact the overall costs of the trip.

Flight crew in a private jet

Flight crew in a private jet

That is why it is so important to discuss the costs of private aviation with an industry-leading boutique private aviation company, like Presidential Aviation, and understand how it works before you schedule your private jet flight.

These are a few of the things that factor in on the costs of your private jet travels.

Type of Aircraft

This is perhaps the most influential factor over the private jet charter costs. Naturally, larger planes cost more to fly than smaller planes. The type of aircraft you must use is often dictated by one of two primary factors:

1) The number of people traveling
2) The distance to be flown

Private Jet on a Tarmac

Private Jet on a Tarmac

When it comes to the number of passengers, the aircraft must be able to accommodate the number of people traveling with you and their luggage.

Distance Traveled

This is a factor for many of the reasons mentioned above. Longer distances traveled often require larger aircraft or, at the very least, additional stops along the way for refueling. If the majority of the flight would be over water refueling isn’t an option, which necessitates a larger craft with greater fuel capacity.

Fuel Costs for Private Aviation

Fuel costs fluctuate frequently and dynamically; prices of fuel can vary not only from day to day, but from airport to airport on any given day.

Destination-Related Private Charter Jet Costs

Runway sizes are not uniform from airport to airport, but different aircraft require different runway lengths in order to safely land at specific airports (or takeoff for that matter). Your flight destination may impact your options when it comes to jets for your needs – which also factors into the costs.

Additionally, there are airport taxes, landing fees, and other expenses levied by destination airports that factor into the costs of scheduling a private jet charter flight.

Amenities and Inflight Services and Charter Jet Pricing

Finally, the level of in-flight service you expect during your flight impacts your costs as well. Custom catering needs, flight attendants, and specialized business setups can increase the costs as can special needs accommodations for cargo and baggage.

Presidential Aviation is happy to answer any questions you have about charter jet pricing. Call us today to schedule your private charter jet flight and see what a difference private aviation makes to the way you travel.