Frankfurt, Germany has a long and rich history. This history influences the food and the architecture within the city and is part of what makes Frankfurt such a great place to visit. Getting to Frankfurt, Germany by private plane makes the trip even more enjoyable – not to mention more comfortable and luxurious.

Frankfurt, Germany skyline.

Frankfurt, Germany skyline.

Architecture in Frankfurt

Part of what makes Frankfurt unique, architecturally, is the dichotomy of historic buildings that offer timeless appeal with a backdrop of sleek modern skyscrapers. As the fifth largest city in Germany, Frankfurt has more than its fair share of high-rise modern giants of industry yet it remains true to the rich history of the area with numerous church towers and Gothic cathedrals. There is even a strong Tudor influence that can be found in many of the buildings in Old Town.

Below are some of the important and iconic architectural sites you might want to visit during your trip to Frankfurt by plane.


This building has served as the City Hall for Frankfurt since 1405. While it has gone through a few changes and modern updates along the way, it remains true to its roots and the original architectural styling of the building.

Frankfurt Cathedral

The Frankfurt Cathedral is a 15th Century Gothic Cathedral that was once the site where Roman-German Emperors were coronated.

Stunning architecture awaits in Frankfurt, Germany.

Stunning architecture awaits in Frankfurt, Germany.

Romerberg Square

Of particular interest are the half-timbered houses known as the Ostzeile. These homes are reconstructions of homes that were originally built in the 15th and 16th century that were destroyed during bombardments in 1944. The houses were rebuilt between 1981 and 1983 and according to historic models. They are a must for anyone who loves historic architecture.

Alte Oper

The Old Opera House today is home to some 50 events each year including glamorous balls and the international congress. The building dates back to October of 1880 when it opened with a production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. The original building was also destroyed and then reconstructed with the façade intact and a modernized interior and concert hall in 1981.

Skyscraper Tours

It would be remiss to discuss the stunning architecture of Frankfurt without taking a look at the skyline that is filled with sleek, modern skyscrapers. These buildings are modern examples of industry in action and feature impressive feats of architecture. There are many walking tours of the city that explore them each in turn. Among the highlights are:

  • Commerzbank Tower
  • Messe Turn
  • Japan Center
  • Galileo
  • Garden Tower
  • Eurotower
  • Westend Gate

Frankfurt Culinary Attractions

The main attraction for many foodies to travel to Frankfurt is, of course, Oktoberfest. While Munich is the home of Octoberfest, Frankfurt has made this celebration of Bavarian culture and food its own. It’s easy to fly right into Frankfurt by private aircraft and hit the ground ready to take in the tastes and revelry of an Oktoberfest celebration.

Book a private plane to Frankfurt, Germany for Oktoberfest.

Book a private plane to Frankfurt, Germany for Oktoberfest.

The festival, which takes place in mid-September, lasting through the first several days of October is an amazing opportunity to explore the rich foods and delicacies of the culture. Choosing Frankfurt over Munich means you get to enjoy the experience in a slightly less crowded environment.

If you want to eat like the locals do while visiting Frankfurt, make sure you pay a visit to Kleinmarkthalle where you can enjoy sausage sandwiches, Green Sauce, a local specialty, and many other local and regional dishes. For a taste of local history, visit Haus Wertheym, which has been serving Frankfurt cuisine since 1479.

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