Airport Name ICAO City
Parshall-hankins Parshall
Berg Strip Berthold
New Town Muni New Town
Skinningsrud Berthold
Flying S Ranch Minot
Stanley Municipal Stanley
Fischer Pvt Garrison
Pietschtree Airstrip Burlington
Behrens Airstrip Burlington
Poleschook Minot
Minot Intl KMOT Minot
Garrison Muni Garrison
Semchenko Maxton
Sundre Minot
Fredericks Ranch Halliday
Oak Creek Sawyer
Hill Minot
Minot Afb KMIB Minot
Warren Pietsch Sawyer
Frei Private Halliday
Bodmer Kenmare
Kenmare Muni Kenmare
Garrison Dam Recreational Airpark Riverdale
Linrud Airstrip Velva
Judy Strip Glenburn
Millers Airstrip Deering
Brecht Strip Golden Valley
Tioga Muni Tioga

Looking to charter a private jet to or from Trulson Field? Trulson Field (Y99) is located in North Dakota. It has at least 1 runways 3,200 ft. length. Contact Presidential Aviation to rent a private jet to Trulson Field.