Airport Name ICAO City
Bybee Field Nyssa
Richards Homedale
Hibbs Airport Greenleaf
Homedale Muni Homedale
Hoskins Field Caldwell
Weitz Marsing
Hubler Field Caldwell
Symms Marsing
Ontario Muni KONO Ontario
Caldwell Industrial KEUL Caldwell
Miller Memorial Airpark Vale
Emmett Muni Emmett
Foster Field - Skydive Idaho Star
Lanham Field Emmett
Payette Muni Payette
Sky Ranch South Nampa
Nampa Municipal KMAN Nampa
Sunrise Skypark Marsing
Weiser Municipal Weiser
Green Acres Kuna
Owyhee Reservoir State Owyhee
Ashley Meridian
Cottonwood Creek Ranch Harper
Sands Horseshoe Bend
Loomis Horseshoe Bend
Jenkins Creek Ranch Weiser
Larkin Kuna
Peaceful Cove Boise
Black's Airfield Kuna
Gowen Field Intl KBOI Boise
Z X Ranch Murphy
Murphy Murphy
Harrington Idaho City
Coyote Ridge Midvale
Lee Williams Memorial Midvale
Hidden Lakes Cascade

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