There are quite a few differences between first class and private aviation. Private charter jet costs do not necessarily factor into the equation as more than a footnote – especially when compared to the many other conveniences you’ll experience when flying private charter jets.

Of course, you must first make analogous comparisons in order to get the full scale of these differences. First class seating, for instance, isn’t always equal. According to USA Today, first class accommodations on domestic flights barely compare with business class accommodations on international flights and do not hold a candle to the first class seating on those same flights.

Commercial airplane cabin of people.

Commercial airplane cabin

The Space Debate

First class seating on domestic flights is considered by some spacious. The seats are wide and the overall cabins are spacious, when compared to light jet, turboprop, or some business jets. Super business jets and heavy jets, though, can typically offer more spacious interior seating and seating options, as well as roomier cabins.

It’s easy to get work done on a private jet.

It’s easy to get work done on a private jet.

Privacy Factor

When you fly first class, chances are you will be sharing the space with people you don’t know. This is not the case when flying private jets. You’re generally flying with business partners, coworkers, or friends and family when you schedule private jet charter flights. This means that you have the privacy you need for taking care of important business concerns without prying eyes and ears all around. Or, you can enjoy quality time with friends or family while on board a private jet.

Businessman showing project on digital tablet with colleagues in private jet

There’s privacy to conduct business meetings on a private jet.

Flight Timetables

Commercial airlines cannot compare to private charters in terms of convenient travel times. This may be the most important of private charter jet benefits to keep in mind. Airlines set their schedules according to what’s most profitable for them. You can set your private jet timetable according to what’s most convenient for you.


No airline is going to make sudden changes to your flight plan to accommodate last minute needs of a passenger. It’s just not going to happen. Private jets can offer more flexibility when it comes to accommodating flight path changes on short notice. According to Sherpa Report, private jet charter companies can even accommodate some course changes mid route.

Location, Location, Location

You’ve probably heard, more than once, that it’s all about the location. There are only so many major airports in the U.S. that accommodate scheduled commercial airliner traffic. The USA Today reports that in 2009, there were 599 of these types of airports in the U.S. mostly located in major metropolitan areas and not in smaller cities and towns throughout the country.

On the other hand, there are more than 5,000 general aviation airports in the U.S. all ready, willing, and able to accept private aviation flights, making the locations of many of these airports far more convenient for your travel needs.


There is one commodity in life that, once lost, can never be recovered – time. The bottom line is that commercial airlines, even when flying first class, do not compare to the saving of time you can manage with private jet charters.

You eliminate the need to arrive at the airport two or three hours ahead of your flight in order to go through various security procedures when flying private jet charters. You eliminate two or three hour layovers between connecting flights too. Further, you eliminate travel time to airports located an hour or longer from your home or your destination. Most importantly, though, you eliminate the time wasted during the flight when you cannot conduct business or relax in peace and quiet.

Want to experience the difference between first class flying and private aviation yourself? Schedule your private charter jet flight with Presidential Aviation today.