The need to travel frequently is a simple necessity of many businesses in today’s global marketplace. Private aviation via private jet charter flights offers many benefits that traditional commercial airliners simply cannot compete with.

In fact, many private jet benefits have businesses reevaluating true private jet charter costs when compared with the costs of flying commercial airlines once lost time, lost privacy, and commuting factors into the equation. Private charter flights depart for destinations like New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Hong Kong every day.

Taking Care of Business – Conducting Business in Flight

Today’s private jets are often equipped with Wi-Fi, standard business equipment, and seating configurations that allow for full productivity for the duration of the flight. This means that employees can treat travel time like a standard business day working on presentations, collaborating, conducting research, and creating reports from the comfort of their seats a feature that is particularly valued by executive teams traveling internationally on long-haul flights.

In fact, Business Insider reports that 20 percent of professionals feel that they are actually more productive on a private jet than when working in an office. This is while reporting a 40 percent reduction in productivity when flying commercial airlines.

Finally, there is the privacy factor. Even if you were able to look over spreadsheets and write reports on a traditional flight, there is little, if any, privacy in which to take care of those business processes. Even on first class flights, professionals are unable to enjoy privacy to hold confidential conversations, which is not a problem when flying via private aviation.

Private Jet Charter Time Benefits for Business

The timing benefits of scheduling a private jet charter are far reaching. First, there’s the fact that charter jets operate on your schedule, rather than the schedule of an airliner.

Then there’s the added benefit of more accommodating check in and security procedures. While private jet security is as strict as with commercial aviation, you’re not competing with thousands of other airline passengers to get through various security checkpoints. This means you do not need to arrive at the airport hours ahead of your flight in order to make the flight on time.

Factor in the fact that private charter flights are direct flights requiring no long layovers, and you get the benefit of saving even more time on your flight. If technical stops are necessary for refueling, they typically last around 30 minutes rather than several hours and there’s no need to remove luggage, make a mad dash through a crowded airport to board another plane, or even leave your plane at all.

Finally, because you have the option of both major International airports around the world and smaller regional airports, you save lengthy commute times by landing closer to your intended destination.

Popular Private Business Jets

There are many different types of private jets available that are ideally suited for business flights. These jets cover a wide range of flight distances and accommodate many different needs when it comes to seating.

Popular choices include the Gulfstream G450, G550, and G650.

Presidential Aviation also offers VIP airlines like the:

Airbus Corporate Jet 350

Boeing Business Jet

Lineage 1000

Airbus Corporate Jet 320.

These business jets offer discerning business travelers and even more luxurious travel experience than standard business jets.

One final benefit of private jet charters to consider, according to the Sherpa Report, is that it projects an image of success for your organization. More often than anticipated the math determines that it’s simply more cost effective for your business to charter private jet flights, especially when groups of several people are involved. The fact that you choose to do sends the impression that your business is efficient and well run to potential associates, partners, and customers.

Presidential Aviation offers comfortable business accommodations and discreet professional service during all private charter jet flights allowing professionals to get the job done in comfort and style. Contact us today to charter your private charter jet business flight and see what a difference it makes in productivity and price for your business needs.