Baseball is America’s pastime and there is no time, other than perhaps the World Series, when that is more evident than during spring training. Spring training means different things to different fans.

For some, it signals the beginning of summer. For others, though, it’s all about the baseball and there are few things better on earth than the smell of the hot dogs and popcorn in the background when the ball meets the bat with a resounding “Thwack!” that tells you this is a home run! Unless, of course, it’s for the other team.

A pristine baseball stadium waiting for fans.

A pristine baseball stadium waiting for fans.

If you’re a die hard baseball fan, the odds are good that you’ve already purchased your season tickets so you can watch your favorite team play home games week after week throughout the regular baseball season. But, what about spring training?

Fans watching a baseball game.

Fans watching a baseball game.

Spring Training Basics

The downside of spring training, though, for loyal local fans, is that it takes place primarily on other fields outside of their home town. The weather may still be a little too cool for comfort in places like Chicago, Detroit, and New York when spring training begins, typically in February.

This means that teams head south to take care of their spring training needs. The teams are divided into two leagues for spring training.

  • Cactus League in Arizona
  • Grapefruit League in Florida

It is much like regular season with the two leagues, but spring training leagues are not identically split between the American and National leagues. Some teams cross their traditional borders.

Book your private jet charter to spring training today.

Book your private jet charter to spring training today.

The spring training season usually begins in February and ends just before Opening Day, which is generally during the first week of April.

Getting tickets to the spring training game(s) is the easy part. It only requires a simple online transaction. Getting there can be a little trickier.

Scheduling a Private Charter Jet to Spring Training

Private jet charter benefits for taking you to see your favorite team play during spring training and getting you back home again in comfort and style are abundant. These are just a few of the highlights.

  • Works with your schedule rather than the airline’s schedule.
  • Won’t leave without you.
  • Accommodates work while you’re traveling.
  • Enjoy privacy while on the flight – only your guests will be flying with you.
  • Allows you to bring others with you or fly solo.
  • Can pick up friends along the way by stopping in multiple locations.
  • True freedom to take off and land at any time of the day or night.
  • Can get you closer to your field of choice because smaller airports can accommodate your aircraft.
  • You can schedule on a whim with as little as 4 hours of notice.

These benefits alone are well worth checking into the costs of private jet charters to spring training this year for the average fan.

Why Go to Spring Training?

For some, trips to spring training are a life-long dream. True fans are itching for an opportunity to see baseball in the flesh after a long, cold winter without.

Others are canny enough to understand that spring training takes place in areas that are sunny and warm – and that’s usually enough to have you rooting for the home team well ahead of the first games of the year.

If that is not enough, how about the idea of bolstering the team that has given you so many hours of joy over the years – just to see in action?

There are many reasons to fly down to watch as many of your team’s spring training games as possible. Call Presidential Aviation today and let us take care of the details of scheduling your charter jet flight to spring training 2016 today.