When choosing a private jet charter for your next trip for business or pleasure, you have a number of great options to select from. One of those is the type and size of jet that best suits your needs and trip itinerary.

Chartering a light jet, for example, is a great option when flying shorter distances. A light jet can fly short distances with ease and comfort. However, a light jet can also make a cross-country trip with a quick fuel stop, with most fuel stops taking less than 30 minutes.

Presidential Aviation offers a wide selection of light jets including:

  • Beech Jet 400
  • Citation Bravo
  • Citation CJ1
  • Citation CJ3
  • Citation II
  • Citation Mustang
  • Citation Ultra
  • Falcon 10
  • Eclipse 500
  • Lear 25
  • Lear 31
  • Lear 35
  • Lear 45
  • Lear 40
  • Phenom 100
  • Premier I
  • Westwind IAI Astra

You can get more information about each of the above jets and take a look at their interiors and exteriors by reviewing our Charter Jet Categories page here:

When are Light Charter Jets Most Beneficial?

Light jets are perfect for short-distance trips, such as those from:

  • Los Angeles to Las Vegas
  • Atlanta to Key West
  • Houston to Puerto Vallarta

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, these jets are ideal for flights in length of about two and half hour flights — like those mentioned above and many more throughout the country and close international destinations such as the Caribbean. Longer flights are possible with appropriate fuel stops – which also provide an opportunity to stretch your legs.

Another important benefit of light charter jets is that you can access them from smaller airports around the country, as well as the larger international airports that serve commercial airlines.

Even if you’re flying or landing in one of the larger commercial airports, you still have the option to take off and land according to your own schedule, rather than the airlines.

Light jets need as little as 3,000 feet of runway space to land, opening the doors to smaller airports around the world.


Light Jets can land and take off on short runways.

Contact us whenever your needs call for a light jet charter. We will gladly make all arrangements for you both in the air and on the ground for a seamless trip.