March Madness is a time many basketball fans cheer on their favorite teams. Private jet charters to March Madness provide the greatest degree of flexibility for your flight needs. Private jet costs are more affordable than you might think – especially if you split them between a few former classmates, friends, or family members.

Book a private jet charter to March Madness.

Book a private jet charter to March Madness.

About March Madness

If you are not familiar with the NCAA Men’s Division college basketball tournament leading known as March Madness, it is a single elimination tournament that begins with 68 teams. This year is the 78th NCAA Division tournament that has been dubbed March Madness because it begins in March. It garners a substantial amount of media coverage and public interest – not to mention it brings some of the most dedicated fans in college sports out into the open.

Over the past decade or so, March Madness has become a famous sporting event . There are intricate brackets and rundowns of the teams, the games, and who will make it to the Final Four.

Basketball tournament bracket.

Basketball tournament bracket.

In 2016, the Final Four takes place in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium, on Saturday, April 2 and Monday, April 4. General tickets to the men’s NCAA Final Four have already sold out though there are a few VIP NCAA Final Four ticket packages remaining (as of the writing of this article).

The Final Four will leave the city of Houston divided with sports fans and supporters of all teams choosing sizes in local bars, restaurants, pubs, and clubs. Whether you have tickets to the games or not, you can soak up the atmosphere and the frenzy of the event just by being in Houston for the dates of the tournament.

Flying to March Madness via Private Jet Charter

The final games of March Madness are the ones it all boils down to. These are the games the lion’s share of the media and spectator interest. If your college team has made it to the Final Four it means the team is elite among college athletes. If you are a fan of the game and active in your Alma Mater, consider booking your private jet charter to the games.

Private jet charters allow you to leave your home and arrive for the game on your own timetable. It also allows you to fly in privacy – something that is impossible on commercial flights. The only people on the flight with you are the flight crew and those you invite to come along. You can work, relax, or sleep during your flight so that when you land, you are able to focus on the moment and enjoy the experience of being at the Final Four and cheering your team onto victory.

The great thing about flying via private jet to Houston for this important event, is that there are plenty of airports to choose from, including the following:

Get your tickets today and look into a VIP package, then call Presidential Aviation to schedule a private jet charter that will make this event one that is truly special for you and your friends who root for the home team. We can help you with every aspect of scheduling your private jet charter flight; from private jet selection to the timing of your flight and more.