If you happen to be looking for a great place for a long weekend away, it is nearly impossible to go wrong by choosing to fly off for a weekend in the Hamptons – unless you try to fly on a traditional commercial flight. The best way to arrive for your escape to the Hamptons is, of course, via private jet charter.

The Hamptons are popular for winery tours and wine tasting.

The Hamptons are popular for winery tours and wine tasting.

Things to do in the Hamptons

If you are of the mind for a little house hunting, the Hamptons, also called the East End, offers an abundance of impressive real estate. You could quite literally enjoy a weekend of exploring various homes on the market. Fortunately, that is not all there is to do in the Hamptons. In fact, you will have so much to do that one weekend might not be enough for all the excitement.

Golf, at Montauk State Park Golf Course is one of the highlights of the trip for avid golfers. Some consider it to be the best public golf course in the entire country.

Other exciting things to do while visiting the Hamptons include wine tours, horseback riding, harbor tours, boating, boat rentals, fishing, fishing charters, antiquing, tennis, cycling, wine tours, and exploring local sights like the Montauk Lighthouse. There are also small art galleries to explore and plenty of action on the beach.

Benefits of Flying to the Hamptons via Private Jet Charter

Private jets offer a luxurious beginning for your long weekend escape. You can relax on the jet in privacy and comfort throughout your flight to the Hamptons. You can even sleep during your flight so you can land ready to explore the best this beautiful area has to offer.

You can also set the stage for romance while in the air rather than waiting until you land to create a romantic atmosphere. Consider having champagne and strawberries served during the flight, watch a romantic film together, or play soft romantic music while engaging in one on one conversation.

When you schedule a private charter jet to the Hamptons you have the aircraft to yourselves and your flight crew so there are no chatty neighbors to worry about overhearing your plans for your weekend or for your future.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Montauk Point Lighthouse

If it becomes necessary to do so in order to enjoy your weekend without the worry of work, you can even take care of last-minute business during your flight with full business capabilities, including Wi-Fi, fax machines, and other business equipment.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of private aviation is that it operates on your schedule allowing you to delay your flight if necessary or take off on time. You can even make flight adjustments to different airports if necessary to avoid unfavorable weather – something commercial airlines are unable to do.

Airports Where You May Land

You may choose to land at many different airports for your long weekend in the Hamptons. These are the four most commonly used airports for private jet travel to the area.

  • East Hampton Airport (HTO) – The airport is the best location for those traveling to the Hamptons. While it offers the fewest amenities there are adequate services for most private jet needs and your personal comfort upon arrival and when waiting for departure.
  • MacArthur Airport (ISP) – Located nearly 50 miles from East Hampton, ISP offers all the essential services you can expect including car rental services and other ground transportation options.
  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA) – This airport is located a little further away than the previous two at 80 miles, but offers more services and amenities. For some travels these little luxuries make it worth a longer drive.

Presidential Aviation will be glad to help you decide which of these airports will work best for your travel needs. We are also here to help with any questions you may have about aircraft selection and scheduling your private jet charter weekend getaway to the Hamptons.