Anyone considering a private jet charter to Big Sur has a lot to look forward to. Big Sur is not your typical luxury weekend getaway. There are strict restrictions on land use that render accommodations throughout the area unattractive for commercial development, leaving very few supermarkets, fueling stops, or lodging options available.

Book a private jet charter to Big Sur.

Book a private jet charter to Big Sur.

There are a few settlements in Big Sur that offer services to people traveling through the area. There are also some homeowners in the region. Some live and work there year round, while other wealthy homeowners live their part time as an escape from their busy lives.

Big Sur attracts more than three million tourists each year, many of whom never leave the confines of Highway 1. Popular attractions in the area include hiking and backpacking, exploring waterfalls, and taking advantage of the hot springs.

The hot springs in Big Sur are located at Big Sur Station (Sykes Hot Springs) and at the Slates Hot Springs located at the Esalen Institute. The springs are open to guests of the Institute, except between the hours of 1:00 am and 3:00 am – for a fee.

Some people come to Big Sur to run. There are several marathons and half marathons throughout the year that bring runners from around the world to “run on the edge of the Western World.” Some come to compete in the Waves to Wine challenge, which is a three-race event providing those who complete all three a special medallion along with eligibility for various prizes and drawings.

Flying to Big Sur via Private Jet Charter

The remoteness and wilderness to the area are easily contrasted the luxury of a private jet travel. The amenities you receive during your private jet charter flight as well as the unparalleled level of service are always nice, and especially when combined with beauty of the surroundings.

Highway One, Pacific Coast Highway, in Big Sur, California.

Highway One, Pacific Coast Highway, in Big Sur, California.

There are many other benefits to consider when flying via private jet charter. One of the primary benefits is the convenience factor. You can leave according to your schedule or preferences. You are not limited by what commercial flights are available and you do not need to rewrite your entire schedule in order to make the flight happen. You can even choose flight times that allow you to work during your flight or sleep so that you can immediately set off for the sights of Big Sur upon landing.

There are plenty of airports that serve the Big Sur area:

Monterey Regional Airport (MRY) is only 31 miles from Big Sur and offers excellent accommodations for private charter jet travelers with multiple FBOs.

Salinas Municipal Airport (SNS) exclusively serves general aviation traffic offering all the amenities you might expect and is located only 49 miles from Big Sur.

Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), located 104 miles from Big Sur provides a wide variety of services and abundant opportunities for shopping for all your provisions before heading out into the wilderness of Big Sur.

Visiting Big Sur

The real reason to visit Big Sur, after all, is the drive. The drive along Highway 1 is considered to be one of the most scenic routes to travel in the U.S. And there are many stunning sights to see along the way. There are the Santa Lucia Mountains, the coast line of Highway 1 with breathtaking views and numerous points where you can pull off the road in order to enjoy them. There is also an impressive amount of (and diversity of) flora and fauna to explore in the area. So much so that there are a total of nine state parks and two federal wilderness areas located within Big Sur.

Scenic view of Big Sur and California Highway 1

Scenic view of Big Sur and California Highway 1

There are also many points of interest to explore, including the Bixby Creek Bridge, Point Sur Lighthouse, Jade Cove, and McWay Falls. While the falls once fell directly into the Pacific a landslide occurred that altered the landscape and now the falls only directly meet the ocean during high tide. It remains a beautiful sight to see regardless of the state of the tide.

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