Did you know that there are approximately 22,000 private jets in operation worldwide? Nonetheless, as one might expect, the majority of these private jets are based in the United States.

Despite appearances, private flying does not only serve the rich and famous! Private jet flying is becoming less expensive. And, dissatisfied with the declining quality of service provided by commercial airlines, travelers are increasingly opting to fly privately.

There are a lot of us that have never used a private jet service before. However, when you book a private jet, you will be able to see the numerous benefits that this mode of transportation provides. It is time-saving, comfortable, and gives you flexibility.

Private jet flights take you anywhere, from the world’s largest airports to the smallest ones.

Are you planning a trip soon and wondering how to book a private jet? Before you begin, read this brief seven-step guide to learn how.

1. Choosing the Right Private Jet Company

Inquire about the private jet companies that fly into and out of your local airports. Both commercial and regional airports should be checked for private jet flights. Compile a list of the private airlines that fly out of these hubs.

You need to compare and contrast your options before making a final decision. For each private plane operator on your list, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Look up customer feedback on the company’s website
  • Is the company’s name well-known?
  • How satisfied are customers with the service they received?

Check to see if the company has membership in occupational and safety organizations. For example, only travel by a private jet transport company that is a member of such safety organizations.

2. Get Quotes From Different Charters

Knowing the specifics of the trip is the first step in booking a private jet charter. When you request a quote, it’s helpful to:

  • You need to know where you’re going
  • When you’d like to leave and return
  • How many people will be on the flight
  • What size aircraft you’re looking
  • How much money do you have to spend

Departure times and dates have a significant impact on the available travel options. Therefore, the more information you give the private jet charter company, the easier it is for them to find the right plane for your flight.

Following the exchange of trip details, the flight consultant will propose a few options and discuss the various benefits and drawbacks. For example, for many people, having an aircraft with wifi is a must when flying by private jet.

It’s essential to request a quote first so that you know exactly how much you’re in for. As a result, you’ll know up front whether you can cover the costs.

3. Check the Safety Standards of the Private Jet Company

Because each operator has different standards for their pilots, not all aircraft operate at the same levels of safety. You should request from the private jet company you are flying with the safety ratings of:

  • The aircraft
  • The crew
  • The operator

This ensures maximum safety for yourself, the aircraft, and the crew. 

Two major companies, Argus and Wyvern, determine private aviation safety ratings. A rating from these companies indicates that a safety audit was conducted and that pilots and cabin crews must meet specific criteria to fly under certain safety ratings. 

At the very least, you should ask for two pilots with either Argus or Wyvern standing for your flights. 

In the time after the pandemic, you should also ask how their planes are cleaned to avoid getting sick from possible infectious bacterial agents. Some companies are taking extra steps to make sure their flights are coronavirus-free.

4. Read Your Contract Carefully

After you have chosen a private jet plane, the company will send you a contract to sign agreeing to the flight:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Any cancellation terms
  • Change policies the company has

It is imperative to read your cancellation terms. When in the holiday season or busy travel times, the time you have to cancel without paying a fee is much shorter. Not all people are subject to the same cancellation terms. 

5. Book a Private Jet and Pay For Your Flight

After carefully examining the fine print, the next stage is signing the contract and paying for the private jet charter.

Most of the time, you can use e-signing software to sign the contract, which secures the flight. It is then up to you to pay for the flight within the time provided by the private jet company. 

The most common payment method is a bank transfer, but other options include a check or credit card. In most cases, the method used is determined by the company’s comfort level with new clients.

6. Sharing Passenger Details

After you sign the contract, it’s a good idea to send the names, documents required, and passengers’ preferences to the private jet charter company as soon as possible. The information given to the company could be:

  • Each passenger’s information
  • Their intended purpose of travel business or pleasure
  • Their likes and dislikes
  • Any special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the like

The more information they have, the better they can tailor the onboard experience for each passenger.

7. Show Up and fly

Once you have booked, paid and a jet assigned to you, the charter representative or negotiator will provide you with a trip sheet or an itinerary. There are three critical pieces of information on the itinerary:

  • The aircraft’s tail number
  • The location of the departure facility
  • The exact time of departure

A charter private jet can be identified by its tail number. Private planes, in contrast to commercial ones, don’t usually have a flight number; instead, the tail number takes the place of the flight number.

A private jet’s airport departure point is frequently a private terminal. 

After booking the trip and assigning an aircraft, the charter sales representative or broker will provide the client with an itinerary or trip sheet. The itinerary includes three critical details: the aircraft’s tail number, the departure facility, and the departure time.

When inside the departure terminal, you will provide your jet’s tail number to a front desk delegate, who will hook you up with your pilots and flight crew.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Let’s Fly in Style!

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are the steps to book a private jet. So you can see that flying privately isn’t as complicated as you might have thought. If you follow the above steps, you will have done everything correctly.

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