The northern lights are a sight for anyone to see. But if you are in the market for romance, there are few gestures more romantic than whisking the object of your affections away on a private jet charter to see the northern lights.

Sure there is Paris. But how many people have stolen away in the night to take in the northern lights for a romantic excursion? Scheduling a private jet charter is like giving her a magic carpet ride to this beautiful spectacle. You may take other trips together, but this one is sure to surprise, inspire, and delight her. More importantly, it’s one she is likely to remember for a lifetime.

Best Cities for Seeing the Northern Lights

The first decision you need to make, before chartering your flight, as the location impacts the size of the private jet you will need to charter, is your destination. These locations offer prime views of the northern lights.


Finish Lapland occupies approximately 30 percent of the landmass of Finland but is home to only about three percent of the population, according to Lonely Planet. The Lapland may be best known by many for its 24-hour cycle of summer sunshine, but for those looking for outstanding aurora borealis viewing opportunities, it should be known for nearly eight months of prime viewing real estate.

A beautiful display of the aurora borealis

A beautiful display of the aurora borealis

In fact, northern light viewing is so popular among tourists to the area that Travel and Leisure reports about the Kakslauttanen Resort, where guests can stay overnight in glass domed igloos in order to view Mother Nature’s finest light show.

Fairbanks, Alaska

For those who are not fans of the cold, but would still like to see a stunning light show, there is always Fairbanks. Charter your next private jet flight to Fairbanks, Alaska where there are plenty of hot springs to allow for relaxing and healing soaks in these geothermal springs along with northern light viewing. It’s pretty hard to top that, but there are still other choices available.

Yellowknife, Canada

The prime viewing location for northern lights, though, is about 25 minutes outside of the city in Aurora Village. This compound offers heated viewing chairs where visitors can take in the lights at night as well as amazing daytime activities that include things like snowmobiling and dog sledding, according to CNN.

Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

You don’t have to travel quite as far as you might think in order to take in some of the full beauty of the night sky. The reason is that Cherry Springs State Park in rural Pennsylvania has exceptionally dark skies making it an ideal location for stargazing, meteor watching, and aurora viewing. Many websites will even post aurora bulletins advising of nights when these beauties are likely to appear. Chartering a private jet flight to Pennsylvania may not seem all that romantic at first glance, however, once your reach your final destination, this trip will be difficult to top.

Northern lights mirrored on lake

Northern lights mirrored on lake

Northern Lights – Best Viewing Practices

There are many places you can go in order to get outstanding views of the northern lights. While knowing where to go is important, knowing when to go can net the most dramatic aurora borealis views.

For instance, winter, according to offers the best time for viewing the northern lights as pollution is lighter in the colder air. The article goes on to report that the lights burn brighter and remain more active for as many as two days following sunspot activity, so consider that when planning your trip.

The great thing about chartering a private jet flight to view the northern lights is that you are not limited to airline flight times. You have the opportunity to plan your trip with the best possible viewing times in mind.

Whether you are looking for the perfect romantic escape or just a one-of-a-kind fairy tale trip, Presidential Aviation can help you with all the details from scheduling a private charter jet perfect for your needs, to providing other luxury touches to make this trip a truly spectacular event.