The Rugby 2015 World Cup takes place from September 18 through October 31 and the best way, by far, to get there is via private aviation. With thirteen different stadiums hosting games as part of the World Cup event, it makes sense that you need the flexibility of landing at airports closest to the venue where your team is playing.

Charter a Private Jet Charter to Rugby 2015 World Cup

Charter a Private Jet Charter to Rugby 2015 World Cup

About Rugby 2015 World Cup

The Rugby 2015 World Cup will be played in London this year, with the final being held at Twickenham Stadium. Games leading up to the final will be played in 13 different stadiums throughout England, with one stadium located in Cardiff, Wales.

  • Brighton Community Stadium – Brighton
  • Elland Road – Leads
  • Kingsholm Stadium – Gloucester
  • Leicester City Stadium – Leicester
  • Manchester City Stadium – Manchester
  • Millennium Stadium – Cardiff
  • Olympic Stadium – London
  • Sandy Park – Exeter
  • James’ Park – Newcastle
  • Stadium mk – Milton Keynes
  • Twickenham Stadium – London
  • Villa Park – London
  • Wembley Stadium – London

The wide spread of stadiums throughout England and into Wales makes scheduling private jet charters a practical solution if you want to follow your team’s progress to the finals.

About Twickenham Stadium

The final showdown will take place at Twickenham Stadium, which is the largest stadium dedicated to the sport of Rugby in the world, with seating for up to 82,000 spectators. It also happens to be the second largest stadium in UK (only Wembley Stadium is larger) and the fourth largest throughout Europe.

Traveling to Twickenham by air is fairly simple with several nearby airports that accommodate private aviation charters to choose from.

These airports include:

  • Blackbushe Airport
  • Farnborough Airport
  • London City Airport
  • London Gatwick
  • London Heathrow
  • London Luton
  • Oxford Airport
  • Stansted Airport

You may hear Twickenham Stadium referred to by locals as the Cabbage Patch. That’s because it was one before being purchased by the RFU for use as a dedicated rugby arena. Over the years, Twickenham has been used for many things in addition to rugby, including some time as a grazing ground for horse, cattle, and sheep during World War I. Today, it’s used primarily for rugby. though it does host the occasional concert or convention.

Charter a Jet to Rugby’s 2015 World Cup


Presidential Aviation Challenger 601 Interior

Presidential Aviation Challenger 601 Interior

There are many reasons to charter a jet for your trip to Rugby’s 2015 World Cup games not the least of which is convenience. In addition to scheduling charter jet flights according to your timetable rather than an airline’s, you can also make changes to your plans according to how far your team advances. Something that’s not quite as simple with traditional airline flights.

There’s also the privacy factor, which is no small deal when taking longer flights. Private aviation allows you privacy to sleep or relax during your flight uninterrupted by other people on the flight, crying babies, and chatty seat mates. You can even conduct business on the flight so that your time is free to take in the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of World Cup Rugby once you land.

Resources for 2015 Rugby World Cup

The following resources will make planning your Rugby World Cup trip easy.

Rugby World Cup Official Site


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Whether you’re only interested in the grand finale or you plan to cheer on your team of choice as far as their collective skills and talents take them, Presidential Aviation can help you arrive in style. Call us today to learn more about what we have to offer you.