A family vacation to Orlando is something children and adults can look forward to together. It is one of the few destinations in the world that offers equal appeal to people of all ages. Scheduling your travel to Orlando on a private aircraft is the best way by far to make your plans, for all the below reasons and more.


Young child at the nose of a private jet

Save Time

Time flies when you are on vacation. The hours go by like minutes and before you know it, it is time to board the plane to come home. Make the most of your vacation time, by flying private. You may even be able to recover an entire day of your vacation that would otherwise be spent standing in long lines for airport security checks, stalling on long layovers halfway across the country, or waiting for your flight to take off. Depending on the airline you choose, you may even need to wait in line for car rentals and spend a fair amount of time driving across Orlando to get to your resort.

Flying into Orlando by corporate jet means you can skip the long security lines for expedited screening in private terminals, where there is always an appropriate number of staff to handle your security needs promptly. It also means you do not need to worry about layovers or making (or missing) connecting flights. You can even choose which airport you wish to use according to the one that is closest to your resort so you can spend less travel time between the airport and your family fun in Orlando.

Plane Over Central Florida

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There is no substitution for convenience when it comes to planning your flight or executing it. Private aviation offers the greatest degree of convenience for travelers from the timing of your flight – you fly on your own timeline rather than the airlines – to the booking process for your flight. You can even make adjustments to your flight schedule if you become stuck in traffic and will be late to the airport. That is something you cannot do if you are flying on a commercial airline. One of the great things about flying by private airplane is that your flight will not leave without you.

In many airports, you have far more convenient boarding processes too. Someone will load your bags onto the aircraft for you – right in front of your eyes. Couple that with the fact that you can take back control of your vacation timeline and everyone wins when you plan your family vacation to Orlando using a private plane rental.

Family at Fun Fair

Family at a theme park

Business and Entertainment Equipment on Board

The ability to conduct business during the flight and keep the family entertained is not one to overlook. The truth is that most commercial flights do not allow the privacy or space to take care of business during the flight. You choose the jet for your trip, which means you can have as much space as you need to take care of work during your flight so you can focus on fun on the ground. With so many theme parks and attractions in Orlando, no one wants to be chained to a phone or desk during the trip.

Keeping the family entertained means far fewer interruptions by children who are bored or excited and can hardly contain themselves. Fortunately, you can arrange for onboard entertainment for your toddlers and young children. Most children love to meet the pilot and take a look at the flight deck — something that is more difficult to do on a commercial airline.

Old Magical Castle

Magical castle


Whether you are a nervous flyer, plan to take care of work while on the go, or simply prefer this special time be spent solely with family, privacy is one of the most important benefits of using private charter jet services. On the flight going in, it allows you and your family to share the excitement of the trip to come. On the return flight, it allows you to rest and relax in privacy to help you recover from the chaos and fun of your time in Orlando

The bespoke travel arm of Presidential Aviation specializes in arranging fully bespoke customized travel experiences to suit their guests’ interests and lifestyles to exotic destinations, or fun-filled destinations like Orlando, around the world.

Call Presidential Aviation today and let us take care of all the details of scheduling your family vacation to Orlando so you can focus your time and attention on making memories that will last a lifetime.