According to a recent article appearing in Forbes, most U.S. business travelers, 78 percent of them, want to receive personalized options when traveling, but do not want to give up too much of their personal information in order to receive these options.

This is just one of the benefits of flying to New York City by private airplane: you don’t need to give up frequent flyer mile numbers or share your travel reward information in order to schedule your flight to New York City or to take the flight.

Benefits of Private Flight to New York City

There are many things you receive when you book your private plane to transport you to take your own bite out of the Big Apple. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, you can enjoy any of these amazing benefits simply by choosing a corporate jet or other private airplane for you trip.

Timely Arrivals and Departures – The fact that private jet flights are scheduled according to your needs means that they take off and land on your schedule and not the one that some major airline dictates. Since you’re the boss of your own private aircraft flight, it will not take off until you arrive and give the go ahead. This means that if you are stuck in traffic or have a last-minute meeting, you won’t have to risk missing your flight.

Save time when traveling by corporate jet to New York City.

Save time when traveling by corporate jet to New York City.

Your Choice of Landing Locations – There are many airports, large and small, in and around New York City. Choosing the one that is closest to your actual flight destination can help you get to work faster so that you or your employees can return much more quickly at the end of the day or their trips to New York City.

Productivity in Flight – This is something you will have a hard time finding on commercial flights. They simply aren’t designed to accommodate business on board. Corporate jets often have all the features, such as WiFi and workstations, you will need to get the job done during your flight, but also the privacy necessary for private conversations with clients, coworkers, and business partners.

Corporate jets include workstations for being productive in the air.

Corporate jets include workstations for being productive in the air.

No Lost Luggage – In 2012 only for domestic flights, almost 1.8 million luggage pieces were lost on commercial airlines. On a private jet charter though, your luggage is the only luggage on the flight and you can watch it being loaded so that you know, without a doubt, what is on your airplane and can fly with confidence and with peace of mind.

Save Money – Many business professionals are surprised to learn how affordable flying by corporate jet can be for their business travel. When you calculate all the time that is lost waiting for flights, during layovers, and while traveling to your actual destination after landing, you’ll find a lot of wasted productivity. Time is money, and putting that time to use being productive saves your company a great deal of money when traveling. Then there is the fact that commercial airlines have set flight schedules and that means that your employees may have to stay an extra day to accommodate flight times resulting in per diem expenses, hotels, and other costs. The savings add up fast when you consider the costs of flying several employees – especially if you can reduce the number of days out of town.

Comfort and Service – If you are traveling to New York City for pleasure you will appreciate the many luxury features private jet travel has to offer, beginning with seating that is often more spacious than commercial airlines and far more comfortable. Then there is the service on your flight, which can’t be beat by airlines today.

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