If you periodically rent private jets for personal or business use, consider offering room to charities on your next trip. Private planes can do more than just jet wealthy people off to tropical islands — they can be a great resource for humanitarian efforts.

In fact, data shows that private planes make 15,000 or more humanitarian flights each year. Could you offer the use of a jet to help with philanthropic travel?

Keep reading to learn 7 reasons why it’s a good move to offer charities the use of business private jets!

1) Business Private Jets Can Do Search and Rescue

People inevitably find themselves in difficult circumstances as a result of accidents, natural disasters, or attacks. For the people on the front lines, it’s hard to do search and rescue with the limitations of working at ground level. The aerial perspective that a private jet provides can be a huge asset.

By offering access to a private jet for search and rescue efforts, you can help law enforcement gain a better view of their territory and access distant locations in mountainous areas or islands. You can also help with search and rescue in the aftermath of natural disasters, like hurricanes and tornados. You’ll feel good knowing that a private jet you’ve provided can help speed up the recovery process and save lives!

2) Help the Disadvantaged

Many people living in poor regions lack access to things like clean water and health care. By donating the use of a private jet to a humanitarian cause, you can help people survive and even thrive all over the world.

Consider donating the use of a private jet to a medical mission in an impoverished country. Jets can help distribute clean water, medical supplies, and food to people without easy access around the world. They can also transport volunteer medical teams to provide life-saving care.

3) Help With Hospital Transplants and Treatment

We’ve all seen the media footage of transplant patients anxiously awaiting a liver or heart from a donor hundreds or thousands of miles away. Sometimes the hospitals involved in a transplant have their own transportation to make a life-saving medical treatment happen — but sometimes they don’t.

That’s where private jets can step in and help in an emergency. Renting a private jet to help transport an organ or person to the right hospital might just save a life. You may have to do this at a moment’s notice, but you’ll be doing a lot of good.

4) Offer Therapy Through Flying

There are many charitable flying groups that use private jets to offer a therapeutic experience to very ill or special needs children and adults. What better way to help someone take their mind off the realities of illness than by flying thousands of feet above the Earth?

Special needs children benefit from experiential moments, and safely soaring above the clouds can provide just that. The sheer joy from seeing clouds up close and having an amazing view — and even getting to meet a pilot — can do wonders for the mindsets of kids and adults in difficult circumstances. Offering this kind of service cost-free will make it the perfect source of happiness.

5) Transport Pets to Shelters

Relocation programs can save adoptable pets from euthanization at shelters that are too full. If you have a soft spot for dogs and cats, renting a private jet to use toward animal relocation would be a great gesture.

When shelters reach capacity, they may be forced into euthanizing otherwise healthy animals. Other shelters may have the opposite problem — they need more adoptable pets to satisfy demand. You can help shuttle these furry friends from oversupplied to undersupplied shelters, and in the process bring a lot of joy to people looking for a new pet.

6) Work With Scientists to Gather Data

There are many instances where scientific research benefits from a topographical assessment. By collaborating with scientists and skilled photographers, you can help them document changes to terrain that may impact research on the climate or endangered species.

You can also help environmental advocates gather footage that can be instrumental in land preservation efforts. A plane provides a vantage point like no other, after all.

You’ll be doing your part to aid in conservation efforts that may evolve into legislation. If preserving the environment is an important cause for you, think about joining an aviation group that focuses on environmental humanitarianism.

7) Help Patients Travel to Treatment Centers

The life-saving cancer therapy or clinical trial that a patient needs may be at a hospital that’s too far away. And if a patient is weakened by chemo or has limited mobility, that makes travel even harder. That’s where the services of a private jet come into play.

You can donate time using a jet to help patients travel to a research hospital if they live in a remote or rural community, for instance. This travel can extend to transporting doctors and other medical professions, including dentists, to areas where they can provide preventative care at underserved medical clinics.

Fly for a Good Cause

When you have the luxury of being able to rent private jets for personal or business use, it’s easy to forget that a jet, at its core, is a form of efficient transportation.

Since not everyone has equal access to transportation, you can make a difference in the lives of others by loaning the use of business private jets for a good cause. Look for humanitarian flying alliances that target causes you believe in.

If you’re ready to take the skies with service in mind, contact us to learn more about what we offer!