Barcelona, Spain is known for many beautiful, exciting, and exotic things. The beauty of the cosmopolitan city is unsurpassed in the eyes of many and there is no shortage of history, art, and culture to bring tourists flocking to the city throughout the year. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is the food that makes this city so unique and worth a private jet flight to Spain by itself.


A smorgasbord of tapas await you on your visit to Barcelona, Spain.

Tapas refers to a variety of snacks (appetizers), often served in Barcelona bars, that exemplify Spanish cuisine. You will find them served hot or cold and in a wide range of complex and simple flavor combinations. Here you will find a few of the top tapas bars in Barcelona.

Casa de Tapes Canota

This is one of the more popular tapas restaurants in Barcelona so recommendations are highly encouraged. Tapas at Casa de Tapes Canota are inspired by Galician seafood dishes though you will find many traditional tapas such as fried fish and ensalada rusa. Make a point of trying the fried fish and seafood, Galician octopus, or the patatas bravas.

 Exterior menu cartel in Barcelona

Tapas Menu in Barcelona.

Lolita Taperia

One of the late-night haunts in Barcelona, Lolita Taperia is famous for its deep-fried rabbit ribs with garlic mayonnaise and mouth watering deep fried king prawns. If you ever need help choosing which tapas to try first, don’t hesitate to ask the wait staff you might discover something you would have never otherwise considered.

Tapas 24

Located below street level, Tapas 24 is a popular place for locals and tourists to enjoy tapas on any given day. The tapas offered are a mixture of traditional Spanish and global ingredients for a unique fusion of flavor in every bite. Some of the most popular menu items include cochinita pibil, which is slow-roasted pork tacos; passeig de Gracia, which is a small burger garnished with duck foie gras; and corvina ceviche, which is grilled Iberian pork with chimichurri sauce.

Quimet i Quimet

Tiny tapas bar that is big on taste. Quimet i Quimet offers an extraordinary selection of tapas and is a must for any tasting trip to Barcelona. Be warned, it is tiny and gets crowded quickly so it is best to arrive early. Also, because it is so small there are no chairs so expect to eat standing up. Try the salmon sashimi with cream cheese, honey, and soy or the cod, passata and black olive pate.


At Tickets, you will find some of the most interesting tapas in all of Spain. However, you will need to plan ahead for tapas at Tickets and make reservations online early. One of the most interesting and best-loved tapas at Tickets is Queso Manchego which is a “sphere of Manchego cheese foam with almond oil caviar.”

Bodega 1900

Also owned by the same person who owns Tickets – and conveniently located just across the street – Bodega 1900 is a modern version of a classic vermouth bar and a high demand tapas hotspot in its own right. Make sure to book your reservations early for this great tapas spot early too.

Flying into Barcelona for the tapas alone is a great way to add a little fun and frivolity to your travel experience – especially with so many amazing options to choose from in the city.

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