You know what they say about what happens in Vegas? What better place to have a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties? And, what better way to arrive in a big way with your buddies than to arrive at your bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas by private jet.

Bachelor parties are also known as stag parties.

Bachelor parties are also known as stag parties.

They call Las Vegas Sin City for a reason. It’s the perfect place to go and sow a few final oats before taking that important walk down the aisle and onto the path of marital bliss. Many men understand the responsibility resting on their shoulders when it comes to planning the perfect bachelor’s party. This guide will help ease the burden.

Anatomy of a Perfect Bachelor Party

Las Vegas is a popular destination for a bachelor party private jet charter.

Las Vegas is a popular destination for a bachelor party private jet charter.

To plan the perfect bachelor’s party in Las Vegas, a few elements have to come together at just the right time.


Getting to Vegas is handled when you schedule a charter jet flight into the city. Getting around the city, though is a different matter altogether. Certain VIP passes provide chauffeured limousine services for groups of up to 35 of your closest bachelor buddies or you can book your own according to your party needs. Chauffeured limos work best so you can focus on having a memorable night and not on who is doing the driving.

Food and Adult Beverages

While the average best man focuses all his attention on the beverages portion of the event, food is another must. Due to the nature of the evening, look for restaurants that offer a private room where you can all be loud and jovial, and provide a few toasts, jokes, and otherwise off-color commentary for the groom to be.


Good entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes and Vegas has something to offer every taste. Whether you’re interested in beautiful dancing girls or want to spend your last hours of so-called freedom on some of the most challenging fairways and greens in the country, Vegas has something to offer everyone.

Of course, for some, just riding the strip and checking out the clubs and casinos is entertaining enough. Others want a little dancing, showgirl watching, shooting, race car driving, boating on Lake Mead, and other activities to round out the evening and weekend.

Bachelor Party Buddies

As tradition has it, bachelor parties are about getting a group of buddies together. A bachelor’s party is nothing without a few of your closest friends making the trip by your side. It’s the groom’s last night as a so-called free man and your last night, collectively, to walk on the wild side together. Make it memorable by bringing along best friends and buddies to enjoy a party the groom will never forget.

Why Charter a Private Jet for the Bachelor Party Weekend?

Las Vegas strip at night.

Las Vegas strip at night.

A lot of best men overlook the potential value of a private jet charter for bachelor party celebrations. Before you dismiss the notion, though, consider these outstanding private charter jet benefits.

Sleep on the Way

You’re going to need every ounce of strength you can muster to make it through the marathon weekend of fun and debauchery ahead. Private jets allow you to rest comfortably on the way so you begin the weekend with your stamina fully intact.

Flexible Flying Times

It’s often difficult to get everyone in on the same flight at the same time when working with traditional airlines. Private jets take off according to your timeline and schedule. You’re in charge, which means you can hold things up a bit if someone is stuck in traffic or can’t get off work as scheduled.

Incidentally, this works for return flights too. Your charter jet only has to leave in time to get the groom to the ceremony on time so if you need to hold off an hour or two to get all the bachelors back on board, it’s generally not a problem – something that can’t be said of commercial airliners.


This is the big deal about private jet charters and bachelor parties. Whether it’s privacy to recover in the aftermath, a desire to get the party started earlier, or simply the idea of a totally tranquil return trip, the privacy charter jets offer to partying bachelors is very welcome.

Recovery Time on the Return Trip

With a beautiful bride waiting on the other side of the flight, you have a few extra hours to whip your groom into shape before his big day. Needless to say, this is often much needed and requires the undivided attention of a best man worthy of the title.

Private Jet Charter Pricing

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of chartering a private jet for a bachelor party in Las Vegas is the opportunity to pool the collective financial resources of the bachelor party buddies to truly make the flight affordable for all.

When planning the perfect bachelor party, be sure to schedule your private charter flight with Presidential Aviation.