Getting away from it all for a week or even a weekend is a great way to spend a little time in the fall. These U.S. destinations are perfectly little getaways you can jet off to on a moment’s notice when you fly via private jet charter.

Denver, CO in autumn.

Denver, CO in autumn.

Fly to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by Private Jet Charter

The Upper Peninsula in Michigan is well known for having nearly four million acres of forests in more than 20 different state parks. Fall colors can be enjoyed in all their splendor from the middle of September through the middle of October with peak viewing opportunities in October. What makes this destination stand out is the location of the Upper Peninsula, which is practically surrounded by three Great Lakes that reflect the beauty of the fall foliage.

Most people flying into the Upper Peninsula via private jet will find Sawyer International Airport to be an excellent choice for private charter jet accommodations. The location, in Marquette, MI, is an excellent middle ground for any UP destination and offers a wide range of services you may need.

Lake of the Clouds, Michigan in the fall.

Lake of the Clouds, Michigan in the fall.

Schedule Your Private Jet Charter to Portland, Maine

Portland offers a wide range of attractions, aside from Mother Nature’s big show, to attract visitors to the area during October. At a time when trees on Bradbury Mountain are splendidly alive with color there are festivals going on in Portland, like Harvest on the Harbor where spectators get the opportunity to help select and coronate the Maine Lobster Chef of the Year.

Hiking on Bradbury Mountain is a great way to explore the fall show as is participating in the town’s bike sharing program. Fall visitors to Portland typically fly into Portland International Airport.

Plan Your Autumn Escape to Denver, Colorado

While many eyes focus on the East Coast for stunning fall shows, the Mile High City has a lot to offer in that arena as well. In addition to the stunning show of colors in October, Denver also has something else to offer. There are also many festivals to enjoy in the area as well – most of them related to all things beer. From Oktoberfest to the Great American Beer Festival and with the Denver Beer Fest thrown in between this is a must for any true fan of a good brew.

People flying into Denver might consider flying into Denver International Airport. However, you might want to consider Erie Municipal Airport or Boulder Municipal Airport if you want to take the scenic route.

Covered bridge surrounded by fall foliage.

Covered bridge surrounded by fall foliage.

Jet Away to Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a Private Charter Jet

In addition to the many stunning forests providing a kaleidoscope of color for your viewing pleasure, the backdrop of the Teton Mountain range is simply breathtaking. Fall is a beautiful time of year to visit the area. It is typically well ahead of the whims of winter weather, but offers a brisk bite to the air that tells of winter on the way. Explore Grand Teton National Park or simply sit back and enjoy the view. There are plenty of first-rate resorts in the area that offer every luxury you can imagine while still offering a rustic charm you’ll find few other places in the world.

Flying into Jackson Hole Airport offers the most convenient access to the area and rewards you with stunning views from the moment you disembark from your private jet charter flight.

Call Presidential Aviation today to schedule your fall vacation to any one of these stunning destinations. We are here to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you receive beyond-first-class service from start to finish.