Private jet charters are becoming a more and more popular way of transportation. Considering that there are over 14,000 private jets in the United States alone, you have plenty of options for this. 

If you are someone who has never done private jet rentals before or someone worried about the price, you may be wondering why a jet charter is worth it. This guide goes over some of the biggest benefits. 


One of the biggest benefits that private jets offer is flexibility for your itinerary. You have the power to decide what day of the week you are going, what your final destination is going to be, and what time you want to fly. 

Another thing you have to think about is how early you typically have to get to a commercial airport. Most airports recommend that you arrive at least two hours early

However, you do not have to do this when you have a charter jet. This is your private jet and because of this, you have more flexibility about when you have to show up. 

Considering that you are paying for the jet, the flight crew will wait for you to arrive before the plane takes off. As a result, you can show up right around when your scheduled flight is supposed to take off rather than wasting hours at the airport. 

For those of you who hate wasting time in the airport, you may find this to be the biggest perk of having a jet charter.

Custom Service 

When you have a private jet, a big perk attached to this is that the flight crew is only serving you and your group. That means that you can let them know what your group likes and they can cater to your needs

Let’s say that you and your group enjoy reading the New York Times. You can ask the flight crew to have copies of this newspaper available for your group when you board your flight. 

Or, your group could be people who like to enjoy an expensive bottle of whiskey now and then. You can ask about this in advance and see what they can offer you there. 

Most of the time, these flights are going to have a very small group of people compared to a commercial flight. As a result, the flight crew does not have to get a large variety of items and spend time with hundreds of people to find something that they want. Instead, they can focus on offering more personal service to your small group.


Let’s talk about one of the biggest elephants in the room when it comes to flying. If you have ever flown in the economy for a commercial flight, you know how uncomfortable that type of flight can be. 

You could be the person that has gotten the unfortunate middle seat with no room to breathe. Or, you could be a taller person that has had their legs crushed up against the seat in front of you. 

What if you could go on a flight where problems like this do not exist? Private jets tend to seat passengers in a way where legroom is never an issue. Plus, seats are not crammed together, so no one has to get stuck with a dreaded middle seat. 

If you are someone who has had trouble sleeping on commercial planes, you will also likely have seats made from much more comfortable materials for this. In other words, flying privately allows you to fly luxuriously. 

Closer Proximity

Something else that you should think about is how much space a commercial airport takes up. Because of the size of the planes that fly to those, there typically have to be bigger runways and more gates available. 

Because of this, most cities can only find that type of space a decent distance outside of the city center. It is not uncommon for people to take 30-60 minutes to drive to their final destination once they land at a commercial airport. 

What if you could cut down on this driving time when you arrive at your final destination? With a charter jet, you have a great chance of doing this. These jets can fly to smaller airports that do not need as much room. Because of this, you could land closer to the city center. 

Business Benefits

Finally, if you are someone who is looking to use a charter jet for business purposes, you are in the right place. You can turn your flight into a business meeting by itself. 

Let’s say you are trying to win over a client or a business associate. Offering them a luxurious flight could make them appreciative of your hospitality. On top of this, it can give you a chance to talk to this person about your business needs while you spend hours flying in the air together. 

Use this to your advantage and try to close more business sales by flying this way.

Consider Private Jet Charters 

These are some of the biggest benefits that you get when you use private jet charters. You are likely to land much closer to the city center of your final destination. 

Also, you will likely avoid waiting for any significant length in an airport. You can customize your service, get more comfortable on your flight, and use it for more business purposes. 

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