Flying via private jet charter offers many benefits – some you might not even expect. Below are some of the best features you can enjoy by flying private aviation. You just might find it is well worth the investment for the advantages and amenities you receive.

Business people working on a private jet.

Business people working on a private jet.

Flight Scheduling Amenities for Private Jet Charters

While some people might not consider flight scheduling flexibility to be an amenity, it is one of the biggest benefits of flying via private jet charter. The ability to fly on your own time and at your own convenience is no small thing.

For business travelers, it means you can arrive in time for important meetings or plan the flight for overnight so that your passengers can sleep during the flight to wake refreshed and ready to go upon landing. It also means that you can work during the flight or go over that all-important presentation with your colleagues.

For special occasion travel, it means you can schedule your travel to arrive at your location when you want to. Any time of day. In the middle of the night. In time to check into your resort. It is completely up to you.

More importantly, it means that if something comes up at the last minute and you need to delay your flight – or even reschedule for an earlier time, it is possible.

You can also arrive at thousands of smaller non-congested airports around the world. This means it is not necessary to fly into major airports that are miles away from your actual destination if there are closer airports that can meet your needs.

In-Flight Amenities when Flying on Private Jet Charter Flights

The in-flight amenities also set private aviation apart from commercial flights. Even first class flights cannot keep up with the luxury provided on private jet charter flights. It’s just another league.

You can choose to have your own personal flight attendants to see to your needs during the flight. Everything from pouring drinks to preparing meals can be taken care of for you. Meals can be catered to meet any special dietary requirements you may have or simple preferences for cuisine. Or you can simply bring your own chef aboard.

Most private jets are fully equipped with Wi-Fi and various business tools and devices so that you can take care of work during your flight. This leaves you free to wow your audiences on the ground or to enjoy the time you spend at your destination because you have concluded your business.

Business jets are also equipped with entertainment systems so that you can watch movies, watch the news or sports, or listen to music during your flight. This can help you relax, keep you entertained, or even keep young children or teens amused during the flight.

Enjoy a delicious meal on a private jet before landing.

Enjoy a delicious meal on a private jet before landing.

Personal Benefits of Scheduling Private Jet Charters

Not all benefits of private jet flights have to do with the aircraft or the equipment on board. Some of them are deeply personal and have to do with your own preferences.

Private terminals -or FBOs in the industry jargon- are another perk that goes along with private aviation. Rather than standing in long lines for TSA screenings, private jet passengers go through private terminals that are adequately staffed to meet their needs. You get the safety of rigorous screening with the convenience of a more efficient and friendly screening process.

Comfortable seating is another huge amenity on private jet flights. Although it varies by aircraft model, most seating is wider and more comfortable than what you will find on commercial airlines. Because you are not crammed tightly into rows with people on every side, you can really relax and enjoy your flight. Larger jets even have seats or couches that can be turned into comfortable beds.

Luxury interior in bright colors of genuine leather in the business jet

Comfortable seating in a business jet

You can even bring your pets along on private flights. You will need a pet carrier for the safety of your pet, but you can have it on the jet with you and not kept in a cargo hold. Since pets are members of the family, too, this can be a significant benefit to families who fly together frequently and want to bring their pets along.

As you can see, there are many amenities to consider when it comes to flying via private jet. Call Presidential Aviation today at 1-888-772-8622 to discuss your travel plans and we will answer all your questions about amenities, service, and private jet charter costs.