A recent survey shows that 100% of people who flew private for the first time during 2022, plan to continue traveling this way in the future.

If you’ve never indulged in the luxuries of custom jet charters before, you’re likely a little confused about how to get started. It’s not as difficult as you might think to get on board with this convenient way to get around nowadays.

Find out more about how you can enjoy the benefits of custom jet charters too.

What’s Involved in Private Jet Charters?

Unlike online searches for commercial flights, you’ll notice a distinct lack of flight dates and times when you search for ‘jet charters near me’.

That’s because jet charters don’t work according to schedules. Private planes can arrive and depart any time you want to, as long as the airport can accommodate them.

What’s more, they can fly anywhere. They can land at any of the nation’s 5,082 public airports, or 14,551 private airports.

It’s clear that custom jet charters offer a lot more flexibility than commercial flights do, but they come with a host of extras as well.

Your flight might include state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, a range of menus to choose from, or customized dining options.

You won’t need to queue at the airport with crowds of travelers. You won’t need to go through an intrusive security screening, either.

Instead, your flight departs from an FBO (Fixed Base Operator) located at the airport. These FBOs offer concierge services, luxurious lounges, and convenient facilities.

You’ll have a private pilot and hostessing staff to yourself throughout the trip, so you’re assured of outstanding service while you travel.

In most cases, you can drive up to the aircraft and hop aboard straight from your car. Onboard, you’ll find stringent health and safety measures in place.

How To Find The Right Flight for Your Needs

When you decide to travel by private jet, you can choose from aircraft that cater to four or fewer people, or opt for a giant that accommodates up to 28 travelers.

The bigger the plane, the more it costs to keep in the air, so you can expect to pay more for larger airplanes. Another aspect that affects your private jet cost is the distance you want to travel, and if you need a one-way or return flight.

There are several types of companies that offer jet charters. These are:

Private Fleets

Some charter operators own or lease the airplanes that they rent out. They’re responsible for the maintenance and operation of these aircraft.

Managed Fleets

Keeping a jet in good shape and paying pilots and staff to keep them operational is an expensive undertaking. That’s why many jet owners opt to let a management company take care of these aspects and rent their jets out on their behalf.

These managed fleets may contain thousands of aircraft, and some charter companies also have agreements with their peers to expand their offering even further.

Managed jets usually operate from a single base and return after each charter.

Floating Fleets

Floating fleets have no fixed abode. They travel from destination to destination as required and only return to their home airport for maintenance.

These operators and their partners juggle flight schedules to ensure cheaper costs for travelers and maximize the use of the aircraft.

Shared Charters

These are the ultimate jet charters for those who want to cut costs as little as possible. With this type of charter, you share space on a private aircraft with other passengers.

It’s like a commercial flight concerning sharing, but with all the other perks of private travel.

Flight Club Memberships

This concept is a relatively new concept designed to help people take advantage of private air travel. If you’re a frequent flyer, and you don’t want to buy your own jet, you can sign up for membership.

You pay a monthly fee to gain access to the operator’s fleet of aircraft according to your membership agreement.

How To Book a Charter Flight

Whichever type of jet charter you choose, you’ll go through the same procedure when booking your flight.

First, you’ll call, email, or contact the provider online and request the dates you need to fly. If there’s a choice of planes available, they’ll ask you to choose your preferred one.

They might ask you if you want to share a ride with other travelers too and whether you want a return flight or a one-way ticket.

Sometimes you can get to enjoy savings by booking an empty leg flight.

These are flights on aircraft returning from a destination to their home base. You need a flexible schedule to make the most of an empty leg charter.

They might also ask you about any extra services you require, such as meals and refreshments during your flight.

Once you’ve selected your aircraft and your route, you’ll receive a written quotation and a contract from the charter provider. Most will require a deposit upfront or payment in full when you sign this agreement.

When you’ve paid for your flight, you’ll receive written confirmation of your flight, aircraft, and flight times.

Discover the World of Private Aviation

Private jets are one of the safest ways to travel nowadays, amid growing concerns about spending time in crowded places. So, if you want to head off on business or leisure travel, now’s the time to try it out.

You might discover that the perks associated with private charter jets justify your ticket price several times over.

Get in touch for assistance booking your jet charters, or browse our blog for travel inspiration.