Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) has a lot to offer private jet charter travelers. While perhaps not as exciting as choosing your private jet aircraft, choosing your airport is an important part of the charter jet flying process.

The fact that you have so many airports to choose from is one of many charter jet benefits you’re sure to appreciate. The more you know about Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, the better able you are to decide whether it’s the right choice for your needs.

About Ft. Lauderdale

Because of its proximity to sandy beaches and the beautiful warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Ft. Lauderdale has long been thought of as an outstanding destination for vacation travelers. Today, though, Ft. Lauderdale is also a major business center, as well as a major center for the marine industry and a growing force in television and film.


Ft. Lauderdale Beach – Facing North

What does that have to do with Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport? Plenty. Part of the reason for the growing success and prominence of Ft. Lauderdale is the fact that it has an extensive transportation network, of which FXE is the primary resource Ft. Lauderdale has in its favor. Whether you’re using private aviation for business or pleasure, FXE should be your first stop coming into Ft. Lauderdale.


Shopping on Las Olas Boulevard is a favorite pastime for business and pleasure travelers.

FXE by the Numbers

Located five miles north of Ft Lauderdale, FXE towers operate 24 hours each day. Airport security and aircraft rescue and firefighting services are also available 24-hours a day at FXE, which offers customs and border protection services between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm daily.


Cruise ship docked at pier in Ft. Lauderdale.

There are several FBOs, including Banyan Air Service providing a wide range of services such as maintenance, refueling services, and more.

Services available onsite include air charter services, corporate aviation, aircraft parking, flight training, and more.

On any given day, FXE oversees 411 aircraft operations, 77.8 percent of which are local general aviation, 13.5 percent of which are itinerant, and 8.6 percent of which are air taxi services.

The airport occupies 1,050 acres of land featuring two paved runways. One runway, 09-27, is 6,002 feet long by 100 feet and the other, 13-31, is 4,000 feet long by 100 feet.

The airport accommodates more than 12,000 aircraft carrying more than 45,000 passengers each year.

Currently, the airport is equipped with 445 hangars and is home base for more than 800 aircraft, including:

  • 307 Single-engine aircraft
  • 216 Multi-engine aircraft
  • 255 Jets
  • 24 Helicopters

FXE Community Impact

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport accounts for $6.5 million in direct yearly revenue and has an economic impact on the region of nearly $330 million per year through general aviation, corporate aviation, air charter, and air ambulance services.

In addition to the Fort Lauderdale area businesses served by FXE, the tourism industry relies heavily on FXE for air travel. Tourism is big business in the Ft. Lauderdale area, accounting for 14.3 million visitors in 2014.


One of the many canals in Ft. Lauderdale.

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