For anyone interested in cutting edge technology, luxury, and safety in air and rail travel, Bombardier is an important name to know. When it comes to aircraft, Bombardier offers some of the best names in the business for light business jets with their line of Lear Jets, mid-size business jets with the Challenger line, and large business jets built with a Global reach in mind. The charter jets below are all members of the Bombardier family.

Lear Jet 45

The Lear Jet 45 offers seating for up to nine passengers and requires a crew of two. The cruising speed is 465 miles per hour and it has a range of 1,969 nautical miles. The cabin height is 4.9 feet and the width is 5.10 feet making it the perfect size as a private jet charter for small group business needs or family travel. This aircraft offers superior technology over previous generations and a cabin that is arranged so that it feels surprisingly spacious despite the numbers.

Lear Jet 40

This aircraft is a light business jet that replaced the Lear Jet 31 with improvements in performance and comfort. The Lear Jet 40 has a range of 1,750 nautical miles at an average cruising speed of 465 miles per hour. The craft seats up to seven passengers and allows for up to 40 cubic feet of cargo space for luggage.

Lear Jet 60 and Lear Jet 60XR

Reaching a cruising speed of 839 miles per hour and offering a notable range of 2,405 nautical miles, the Lear Jet 60 is a luxurious choice for up to eight passengers. The cabin measures in with 17.67 feet of length with a height of 5.71 feet and a width of 5.95 feet. The Lear Jet 60 is famous for its ability to climb quickly and enjoy high cruising levels at fast cruising speeds while offering reliability and operating economically.

The Lear Jet 60XR enjoys the same outstanding fuel economy, rapid rate of climb, and high cruising speed the Lear Jet 60 made famous, but features an improved cabin area for greater guest comfort and luxury. Other updates to the 60XR include three disc wheel brakes and the addition of advanced avionics.

Challenger 300

This aircraft qualifies as a super-mid-sized jet and offers impressive flight ranges up to 3,000 miles without needing to stop at speeds of 528 miles per hour. The jet accommodates between eight and ten passengers and provides standing room for most. Businesses interested in scheduling a private jet for long distance business travel will find this craft suitable, for the most part, for up to ten or fewer passengers on the flight.

Challenger 850

The cabin on the Challenger 850 offers several zones with seating for up to 14 passengers. While the Challenger 850 has an expansive nautical range, it also offers the fuel efficiency and flight economy of much smaller jets making it an excellent choice to consider for business travel.

At a cruising speed of 528 miles per hour and a range of 3,000 nautical miles, the Challenger 850 offers a wide range of travel options that are unavailable on lighter jets. With a cabin height of more than six feet and width of more than eight feet it, offers comfortable accommodations for the trip.

Global Express

With a capacity to carry up to 19 passengers 6150 nautical miles without stopping, this is your go-to aircraft for long-distance business or pleasure needs. This jet is famous for its ability to make long-range flights, but it’s also widely respected for the comfort and speed of these flights with a cruising speed of 513 miles per hour. The cabin is quite comfortable with a cabin height of 6.30 feet and width of 8.2 feet.

Jet engine on a Bombardier Global Express

Jet engine on a Bombardier Global Express

The cabin features extensive insulation to reduce noise and vibration. It may also be arranged into three separate living or work areas for the sake of privacy and productivity on long flights. Some owners choose to equip the Global Express with a shower and all of these jets offer full galleys.

Choosing the right jet for your private jet charter experience is critical to make it a valuable experience for your business, organization, or family. Call Presidential Aviation today to schedule your own private jet charter and let us help you choose the right Bombardier craft to make your trip in style – as well as to accommodate your business and layout needs while on the go.