As travel begins to ramp up again after our 2020 lockdown, more people are looking for solutions to travel safely. One of those solutions is private jets. In 2020, more than 44% of bookings were from first-time private jet flyers. 

Flying on a private jet for the first time is an exciting experience. However, it can also be frightening if you don’t know what to expect or how to act.

In this quick guide, we will go over all the things you can do before and during your flight to have the best trip possible. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about private jet etiquette. 

Book Early if Possible 

The main perk of flying on a private jet is that you can book them with short notice. Yet, if you know that you’ll be needing one in advance, it’s polite to book them earlier. 

If possible, give your private jet service one to two months’ notice. This allows them time to prepare your flight to give you the best flight experience possible. 

Keep in mind flights can be prepared within a couple of hours if you have to book a jet with short notice. 

Make Specific Requests Ahead of Time

Your private jet company will try to accommodate you to the best of its ability. Yet, if you wait to make important requests until you are in the air, there is not much that they can do for you.

If you have any dietary restrictions or requests for beverages the jet doesn’t normally have, let the service know in advance. Many companies are happy to cater to your needs when they have the time to do it. 

Dress Appropriately

Depending on what you are flying for, the dress code changes. If you are going on a vacation trip with your family, feel free to dress as comfortably as you like. 

However, if you’re going on a business trip, you’ll want to break out your trousers, shirt, and dress shoes. How casual you dress for this trip should depend on your business’s dress code. 

When you fly on a private jet as a guest, it’s recommended that you dress in a way that is respectful to your host. Consider leaving your flip-flops and shorts for the beach. Opt for jeans, nice pants, or a conservative dress. 

Keep Your Luggage Minimal

Similar to commercial airplanes, private jets often do not have space in the cabin for all your luggage. Likely, you will only be allowed to bring on one or two small bags. 

Additionally, the jets also have limited cargo space. Depending on the jet, there will be a maximum number of bags it can carry. Learn how much you can bring before boarding your private jet. 

Have Your Documents Ready

Private travel is much more convenient than commercial air travel. The main perk of flying on a private jet is that you get to skip all the security lines regular flyers have to go through. 

To make this process even smoother, you should have your documentation ready. Bring your ID and your passport.

Be on Time 

When you fly on a private jet your flight times are flexible. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can show up whenever you want. It is in your best interest to show up on time or even early for your flight. 

If you find out that you are going to be late, immediately let your host or your broker know. There is no need to contact your pilot directly. Most often, the operator will be able to delay your flight for some time. 

Let the Host Board First

When boarding a private jet, you will want to allow your host or lead passenger to board first. Other passengers, including you, may follow, taking up the remaining seats. 

Seating on a private jet is usually dictated by how close you are with the other passengers. If you are flying with your family or close friends, the seating situation is much more relaxed.

Tip the Crew

You should tip the crew if you are happy with their service. If the cabin crew was friendly and accommodating feel free to let them know that you appreciate them with a gratuity. 

It is difficult to say how much is an appropriate tip on a private jet. You may choose to tip upwards of $1000 if you’ve taken an expensive flight. Yet, for more casual jet trips, around $20 is a perfectly fine tip. 

Be Careful Taking Photos

During a flight on a private jet, it is tempting to document the entire experience on your phone or camera. While the company and crew normally don’t mind, other passengers might. 

If you would like to take pictures during your flight, be sure to ask others for their permission. Some people do not want others to have their travel arrangements made public to your viewers. 

Leave the Alcohol to the Crew

Drinking on flights is a widely accepted practice even on commercial flights. Yet, it should be done with caution. Drinking so much that you begin to act rowdy or disorderly is frowned upon on private jets. 

Additionally, you should never sneak alcohol on board. If you bring alcohol with you, turn it over to the flight crew immediately. They will be happy to serve you alcohol during your flight as you want it. 

Practice Good Bathroom Etiquette

Onboard a private jet, never make a mess of the bathrooms. The flight crew will make sure that your bathrooms are clean and ready to use before the plane takes off. Extra cleaning is now done due to Covid-19.

Do your best to keep the bathroom clean, usable, and vacant so others may use it as well. 

Have a Great Time on a Private Jet

Knowing how to act when flying on a private jet can help you feel more relaxed before, during, and after your flight. Following this etiquette guide will ensure that your first experience on a private jet is a positive one. 

When you’re ready to book your flight, our staff at Presidential Aviation are ready to assist you. Contact us to learn more and get a charter quote today!