Private jet charter services have access to thousands of different airports just in the US. Because of this, flights can board, depart, and land much more quickly than commercial flights.

When you have tight deadlines, or simply no time to deal with commercial airlines, consider flying with an aircraft charter. But, you shouldn’t go with the first one you see.

Doing a check of their experience, security, and operations will ensure you have the most enjoyable flight possible. 

Keep reading to learn about eight aspects you should check up on before booking a jet charter service. 

1. Their Experience and Background

Experience is essential in the aviation industry. The company you choose should have an extensive background in this industry. They should have evidence of necessary skills and the knowledge for efficient and safe travel.

You must find what types of aircraft are on their charter certificate. Learn about the year the aircraft was made and what changes have been made to them since then.

Before hiring a jet charter service, you should also learn more about their crew and how many there are. Find out if any of them have citations against them and how far back their experience reaches. 

2. Their Safety and Security Measures

Safety and security are of the utmost importance when selecting private jet charter services. When it comes to booking, you want luxury, but more importantly, you want to feel safe. 

Don’t hesitate to ask what security measures charter services have in place to keep you safe. They can give you information on how often training occurs, how it’s done, and what you can do to comply with their program. 

Also, consider asking if the plane has ever been in a crash. Every aircraft charter is diligently repaired and maintained to perform its best in the air and on the ground. What have they done to ensure increased safety for you?

3. Aircraft Maintenance

Even if their aircraft have never been in any accidents, they all need regular maintenance to stay safe and up-to-date. They are also often refurbished for your comfort under FAA clearance. 

Before booking a jet for a business trip, you should know who maintains the aircraft and the program it’s done through. The answer may be AAIP, CAMP, or some other program. Do your research to find out if it is safe. 

Another helpful question about maintenance inquires the operator. Consider asking how they would handle maintenance situations that can occur during your trip. Their answer to this question may make you feel more at ease. 

4. Experience with International Flights

International flights are not something offered by all aircraft rental services. Certain questions should be asked of your charter if you plan to fly out of the country. 

Firstly, you should find out how much experience they have flown internationally to top destinations. Specifically, you’ll need to learn if they have experience flying to the country you wish to travel to. 

Do they have special safety measures for flying into different countries? Get to know how the operator changes their behavior to create a safe environment for you and others in a new country.

You can benefit from jet charter services that have experience in international flights. Many can offer assistance with customs and immigration logistics. This includes help with visas and customs forms.

5. Their Customer Service

Another essential characteristic of a good charter service is excellent customer service. They should be able to meet your needs by offering customized services and adapting to schedule changes. 

Discover what service standards are in place and how the business measures them. Many charters keep documentation of their customer’s satisfaction ratings. Don’t be afraid to ask for theirs. 

Before booking, it’s helpful to find out where you should report your complaint and concerns. Make sure there is a customer service agent that you can speak to at all hours of the day. 

6. Their Insurance and Certifications

The operator of your jet charter service is required to have an up-to-date FAA 135 operating certificate. You can verify your operator’s certification with the FAA to ensure the company is safe. 

Air regulations also require a level of insurance coverage to protect you and other passengers. Each plane must be insured, and your charter cannot charge you with hidden insurance fees. 

Make sure that the aircraft you intend to board names you as an additional insured. Have them give you a certificate of insurance and a waiver of subrogation to confirm your coverage on the jet. 

7. How They Solve Problems

If there is a problem with your flight, you’ll want to be assured that the company can solve it. Hear how the jet charter service plans to accommodate you if the jet becomes unavailable. 

You will want to make sure that the company can make other arrangements, so you can get to where you need to go. If a substitute jet charter needs to be used, you should be compensated for the trouble. 

8. Learn About the Operator

You must feel comfortable with the operator of your plane. Getting to know them will help you feel safe and in the loop. Don’t wait to ask about their experience flying and how much education and training they have.

Your operator should be regularly audited to ensure they are taking the steps to comply with training, maintenance, and more. 

You can also find out if they have any citations. The FAA keeps records of operator’s citations for five years. Keep in mind these can take time to get, most of the time, you have to visit your local FAA offices to look at them. 

Your Jet Charter Service

Flying with a jet charter service is among the most luxurious ways to travel. Yet, not all aircraft charters are made the same. You must complete thorough research to ensure a company is safe and of the highest quality. 

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