Did you know that in July of 2022, 44 percent of the flights booked in the United States were first-time private jet customers?

It is natural to associate booking private jets with high costs as it seems like it is always billionaires and celebrities flying on private jets. Private jets are much cheaper than you’d think and are a great option for anything from a vacation to business trip transportation.

Does the idea of booking private jets excite you? It is easy to find private jet providers that will work within our private jet budget for your next vacation or business trip.

Continue reading to learn about the eight common mistakes to avoid when you decide to book a private jet.

1. Assuming Booking Private Jets Is Unaffordable

While under certain circumstances booking private jets is expensive, there are plenty of options to make private jets fit within your budget. They make a great transportation option for a special occasion.

If you book a private jet on an empty leg the cost can be only slightly more than what it would cost to book a flight in Business Class or First Class through a major air travel provider.

2. Not Working Out an Itinerary

A big mistake that you should avoid is not booking your private jet in advance. This allows you to secure all of the permits needed for your travels and helps the private jet maintain schedules.

It is important for you to define the purpose of your flight like flying for business trips and clearly defining your itinerary. The airports that private jets use have strict regulations and don’t operate on a 24/7 schedule.

3. Choosing Your Private Jet Based on One Operator

For the best private jet experience, it is important that you choose your private jet company wisely. A good starting point is by conducting background research on the company and the pilot as a way to choose a reputable company.

You should also research the type of aircraft that you’ll need for your travels. Once you’ve determined those factors, select two or three operators to contact in order to get a price quote from each and to determine which will offer the most convenience.

4. Don’t Book at the Last Minute

Booking at the last minute is a big mistake to avoid when booking private jets. Unlike with commercial airlines, booking at the last minute is no guarantee that you’ll get the flight that you need.

When it comes to booking private jets, booking early will actually get you lower prices for your journey. This is especially great if you’re booking a private jet for your business needs because it will save your company money.

Waiting to book your flight until the last minute will likely cost you more. It might also cause you to not get the jet that you needed for your travel needs. To avoid this mistake, book your private jet as early as you can by assessing your schedule and determining the best time to travel.

5. Assuming You Have Unlimited Baggage

Don’t work under the assumption that just because you’re flying private you can bring unlimited baggage with you on your private flight. The amount of luggage you can bring is determined by how much luggage the jet can carry.

If you bring baggage that weighs too much it is possible that you’ll be asked to unload it. If that is the case, some private jet providers will offer to transport your luggage by train, truck, or commercial flight for you. Keep in mind that this service might cost you more on top of the private jet flight.

A good rule of thumb to operate on is that you can bring around the same amount of luggage as what you’d bring on a commercial flight. Avoid packing sharp objects and firearms as well as anything flammable.

The only big difference is that with a private jet flight you’re allowed to pack liquids. That is not the case when you book a flight through a commercial airliner.

6. Understand Your Customization Options

The best private airline companies offer a lot of customization options for you to tailor your experience with. These options change depending on the type of aircraft you book for your travels.

One of these customized options is in-flight meals. These meals are either half-course or full-course meals depending on your preference and the length of your flight.

You can also book custom accommodations for any pets that you wish to bring with you on your travels. You’ll need to consult with the operator you choose ahead of time when it comes to the accommodations for your pets.

They might also offer special accommodations for business travelers. Knowing your customization options will allow you to get the most out of your private jet traveling experience.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

Most people who book a private jet for the first time don’t know all of the options that are on the table for them. They end up booking their flight directly from the airline’s website. This is a mistake.

Booking directly through the website will lead to you missing out on discounts and promotions. Do yourself a favor and thoroughly check out what the flight includes and any special offers that are available.

8. Don’t Forget Your ID

This is the easiest step of booking and traveling on a private jet, but it is commonly forgotten. While flying on a private jet allows you to skip checking in and any queues, you still need to provide photo identification.

This is especially true if you’re flying internationally. For any international flight, private or otherwise, you are required to bring and present your passport.

Are You Ready to Start Booking Private Jets?

While many people think that booking private jets is unaffordable, you know better than that now. There are plenty of discounts and opportunities to book a private jet for a very affordable price.

When booking it is important to review and compare your options. You should also remember to negotiate and to understand your options for customizing your travel experience.

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