The Farmers Almanac lists San Diego as one of the ten best cities for weather in the United States. For those who like to travel, it means San Diego is a great place to go to visit the beach and San Diego has plenty of great beaches to offer, including the seven listed below. Flying into San Diego by private airplane allows you the flexibility to visit one or all of these great beaches, which are among the best the city has to offer.

The skyline of San Diego.

The skyline of San Diego.

1) Coronado

Not only is Coronado Central Beach known as a great beach for couples, but it has also been listed as one of the best family beaches in the world (partly because it is a protected beach with gentler waves than some of the other beaches in the area). Coronado Central Beach is a common location for holiday greeting card photographs. Be sure to consider staying at the Hotel del Coronado during your visit for easy access to this stunning beach and excellent luxury hotel accommodations. If you are flying to Coronado by corporate jet with your pup, you will be glad to learn that Coronado Central Beach is a dog-friendly beach.

Coronado Hotel and Beach

Coronado Hotel and Beach

An aerial view of Coronado Island, San Diego.

An aerial view of Coronado Island, San Diego.

2) La Jolla

With coves, cliffs, and spectacular views of the Pacific, La Jolla is the place you want to be for scenic seaside experiences. Whether you’re viewing the ocean from one of the many area cliffs or you are sinking your toes into one of the sandy beaches, you will have a hard time not falling in love with La Jolla Beach –one that is worth flying in to see. Set aside time to explore La Jolla Caves Beach. It is a hidden beach that is best accessed by water and the caves at low tide is its own reward.

A look at the La Jolla coastline.

A look at the La Jolla coastline.

3) Del Mar

Breathtaking sunsets are the word of the day when you visit Del Mar. The beaches are gorgeous throughout the day. They really come alive and take on a total new persona when the sun begins to set. They beaches themselves become a sea, reflecting the golden red hues of the sun as it slowly sinks into the sea. You can enjoy a trifecta of reasons to enjoy this beach including excellent swimming, two beachside parks, and great surfing.

4) Sunset Cliffs

Not for the faint of heart, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park offers a steep access route that requires many visitors to make use of the fixed rope near the bottom of the descent. Despite the difficulty in getting there, or perhaps because of it, Sunset Cliffs remains one of the more popular beaches for locals and tourists alike.

5) Mission Beach

Mission Beach has a little something to offer everyone. From the old-style amusement park to the mile-long stretch of beach that is ideal for surfing, swimming, and general sun worshiping, you really cannot go wrong with this beach and its old-fashioned boardwalk.

6) Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is located on the south side of the mouth of San Diego River and home of the famous Ocean Beach Pier that goes out into the Pacific Ocean for nearly one-half mile.

At low tide, the area beneath the pier is fun to explore as it becomes filled with tidal pools and is very exciting for anyone flying into San Diego with small children. Part of Ocean Beach has also been set aside as a dog beach so if you are bringing your pup along, this is another great beach where Fido can go dog wild.

7) Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach is the stereotypical San Diego beach. It offers a lively nightlife and bar scene and constant activity throughout the day and the night. Also adding to the appeal, not to mention feeding the stereotype is the 3.5 mile boardwalk that offers shopping, dining, and more.

Flying by private aircraft to San Diego allows you easy access to any one, or all, of these great beaches and allows you to choose the location that works best for you.

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