It’s hard to choose just one reason why people hate airports. They’re crowded, poorly designed, understaffed, and rife with security checks that fail miserably at security.

That’s where a private jet charter comes in. When you rent a private jet for your vacation, you skip the lines, the people, and everything in between. Only one question remains: with this newfound freedom, where will you go?

There’s no point in seeing the same destinations as a thousand other sweaty tourists. So in this guide, we’ll give you the best international vacations for families. Use your private charter and go wherever the wind takes you.

#1: Bali

Among vacation destinations, this tends to be one of the top-rated ones. Bali is easy to love for all of its visitors. It has stunning beaches, gorgeous countryside scenery, and some excellent cuisine.

What makes Bali especially enticing is how it straddles the line between luxury and affordability. You can stay in incredible villas that make you feel like James Bond. But the next second, you are trekking past rice fields and ancient temples.

Locals are friendly here, too. Tourists praise Indonesia for its hospitality and vibrancy despite the high throughput of travelers. If you want to avoid the destinations that feel hostile to your presence, then go to Bali.

The cuisine is to die for as well. And if you want to go exploring elsewhere, you have 17,500 islands to do so with.

#2: Costa Rica

Costa Rica ticks all the boxes. It’s close to the US, doesn’t skimp on luxuries, and yet still has plenty of family vacation ideas to try out.

When people think of Costa Rica, they tend to imagine the beaches, jungles, and plentiful mangoes. Make no mistake, this Central American paradise is also an excellent locale for adventure tourism. You can do it all here: white water raft, explore the rainforests and ride zip lines.

According to some surveys, it’s the happiest nation on earth. And thanks to the compact size, you can explore a great deal of it in a single trip.

Its national parks are home to macaws, frogs, monkeys, and everything in between. If that doesn’t interest you, then its hot springs certainly will.

#3: Dominican Republic

Looking for more of an island vibe, albeit in the Caribbean? Then the Dominican Republic is the ticket.

Beaches are the name of the game here. Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and practically every stretch of golden sand has a reputation the world over. The five-star resorts that dot the island do as well.

Most importantly, the weather is absolutely incredible. In most places, the ocean breeze keeps things well under 90°F. If you’d rather avoid the salty water, you’ll find plenty of swimming and infinity pools to dip your toes in, too.

#4: Dubai

Dubai is hard not to include as a travel destination. It’s a place for luxury above all else and one where the sun is always shining. The streets are safe, clean, and everything is built with a Sheik’s standards in mind.

There’s plenty to do, both for adults and kids. There are theme parks like Bollywood and Legoland. Then there is a neverending supply of five-star hotels that pull out all the bells and whistles.

If you want to conquer your fear of heights, you’ve come to the right place. Dubai is home to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world to date. Scale it and get some excellent pictures of the surrounding Arabian peninsula.

#5: Italy

It’s impossible to choose just one location in Italy because this country has everything. You have spots for history buffs like Rome and Sicily. Then there are romantic canals in Venice and gorgeous Mediterranean weather along the Amalfi Coast.

You’ll have access to real Italian pasta and pizza–none of that Dominoes or Olive Garden crap! Eat in a completely different restaurant for every meal, if you like. Many of them sit in historic plazas and medieval towns.

It’s a very Instagrammable place, too. Think quaint mountainside villages along white-sanded coasts with sparkling water. And if you have family heritage here, you can help your kids reconnect with their past.

#6: Maldives

If you haven’t heard of the Maldives, you’ve seen them in pictures. This is the place where the hotels sit on stilts out over the water. You step out of the backdoor and find yourself only a few paces away from the ocean.

If the kids just want to relax, this is where you go. Kick back over emerald water and indulge in locally-sourced tuna and coconut.

Spa treatments await Mom and Dad while the kids go swimming. It’s an unforgettable experience and a perfect place to update your family photos.

#7: Iceland

Iceland has been growing in popularity in recent years for a good reason. It’s a tiny island far north of Europe, an ironically freezing place set on a hotbed of geothermal activity. On paper, it doesn’t sound appealing, that is, until you see the gorgeous, wild beauty.

Iceland is a trip for the nature enthusiasts among you. Take your children to see long stretches of untouched land. Contrary to the name, Iceland is a place of verdant, craggy hills, hot streams, and breathtaking northern lights.

At the end of the day, you get to relax in geothermal pools. It’s a quiet country, one for taking in the cold air and contemplating life. Few who visit Iceland regret it.

The Best International Vacations for Families Begin with a Private Jet

When you go on vacation with a private jet, the world is your oyster. A list of the best international vacations for families stretches much longer than this article. From Bali to Iceland, there’s sure to be a destination the whole family will adore.

Presidential Aviation can take you wherever you want to go. Check out our list of top destinations, and then book your plane today.