Did you know that an astonishing 96 percent of all people who took their first private jet charter stated they planned to continue using this method of travel? Whereas chartering a private jet used to be a luxury for only the ultra-rich, it’s becoming more of a necessary means of travel for many.

While chartering a private jet is still expensive, it isn’t an option exclusive to the ultra-rich anymore. Instead, it’s become an option for those who make less than a million a year. When choosing to share your trip with other family members or friends, upper-middle-class flyers can potentially get in on the action.

But why is flying private such a sought-after travel option? There are many benefits that chartering a private jet has over flying with a commercial airline. Continue reading below to learn the most significant benefits.

1. Unmatched Safety

The safety offered by chartering a private jet is unmatched. By flying private, your exposure to health and security risks is greatly diminished. This can be especially useful during uncertain times in public health, such as the COVID19 pandemic or even the annual flu season.

The risk of contagion is diminished in two ways. You’re exposed to fewer checkpoints (or surfaces touched by other people) and fewer people. Fewer people are encountered both inside the plane and at the airport terminals.

2. More Affordable Than Ever

Using a private jet may still be expensive when compared to economy class tickets, but they’re more affordable than ever. Thanks to lowered costs, the ability to fly privately is expanding to a broader pool of people. If the costs had deterred you from previously chartering a private jet, it might be time to look back into it.

Using private jets makes the most sense for certain people and can even be a cost saver. People who frequently fly and log more than 150 flight hours per year could potentially save money by using a private charter. If you often fly in large groups or have a big family, it could also be more cost-efficient to use a private jet.

3. Significant Time Saver

Using a private jet saves considerable time when compared to flying with a commercial airline. These time savings can add up to an unbelievable amount for frequent flyers.

With commercial airlines, people need to arrive at the airport early and spend an hour or more waiting to take off. Depending on the flight path booked, there could also be long layovers. An average person flying with a single one-hour layover could potentially waste three hours on their trip one way or six hours round trip.

Chartering a private jet gets rid of these time-wasters. You can choose to arrive at the airport terminal just fifteen minutes ahead of take-off time. There will likely be zero layovers, except for refuel stops for extended flights.

Consider a person who takes one round trip business flight a month. Using the commercial airline example above, around 72 hours could be wasted every year. That’s equivalent to three full days of the year wasted on check-ins and layovers.

Consider that the same person charters a private jet and has one half-hour layover for refueling each way. That’s only one hour per one-way flight or an estimated 24 hours over an entire year. A total of two full days a year of sitting around airports waiting for flights would be saved.

4. Unrivaled Privacy

The privacy offered by private jets can’t be matched by commercial airlines. Even when using first-class commercial accommodations, the cabin is shared with multiple other people. For some, this lack of privacy can ruin a trip.

Privacy can be important to anyone, but it’s especially important for specific high-profile individuals. Government officials, celebrities, athletes, and more use private jets to keep their location confidential.

With only you and your friends in the cabin, you won’t need to worry about people eavesdropping on your conversation. Nobody can tweet your location or take unapproved images of you during your flight. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip instead.

5. Optimal Comfort

Flying in business class or first class may be more comfortable than flying regular commercial, but that isn’t saying much. Cramped spaces, loud passengers, and subpar food offerings don’t make for a relaxing trip.

Chartering a private jet, on the other hand, provides optimal comfort for the most pleasant flying experience possible. The comfort provided by flying private include:

  • No loud or unruly passengers to deal with
  • Plush leather seating
  • Spacious cabins with plenty of legroom
  • Nearly unlimited luggage storage available
  • Bring what you want on the private jet with you

Some private jets also provide a master bedroom and bathroom with a shower. These luxurious amenities can make flying to your destination feel like a vacation in itself.

6. Increased Accessibility

Commercial airlines are severely limited in where they can take off or land. They require larger airports with significantly longer runways. These commercial airports are generally only located in areas with large populations.

Private jets can take off and land more areas, including those too remote for commercial airlines. In fact, private jets have access to more than 5,000 airports (compared to only 500 for commercial airlines).This opens up a range of new travel opportunities for the adventurous vacationer.

More Questions About Chartering a Private Jet?

There are many benefits to flying private for your next vacation or business trip. The best part is that it’s more affordable than ever to take advantage of these benefits.

Do you have more questions about chartering a private jet? Or would you like to speak with someone about booking one for your next trip?

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