While many airports are named for the cities where they are located or the regions that they service, there are also quite a few that are named after famous people. On the one hand, airports, such as Ronald Reagan National Airport, JFK, Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, and LaGuardia (New York City mayor), bear the name of famous politicians. On the other hand, there are many more famous names represented on airports throughout the country and around the world worth noting.

What an adventure it would be to fly to each and every one of the following airports!

Louis Armstrong International Airport – New Orleans, Louisiana

It makes sense that iconic jazz musician, Louis Armstrong, is the name on the airport that serves New Orleans – a city that has its own unique jazz history and influence. Armstrong began playing the trumpet at the age of 14 and has influenced a genre of music as well as uniting music fans from all cultures, countries, and stations in life since.

louis armstrong statue

Statue depicting famous New Orleans jazz musician Louis Armstrong.

John Wayne Airport, Orange County – Santa Ana, California

Just as Louis Armstrong is an icon in the world of jazz music, The Duke is an icon of film. The name changed to John Wayne Airport, Orange County took place on June 20, 1979 – nine days after John Wayne’s death. The airport features a statue of John Wayne, located on the arrival level of the Riley Terminal.


Morning view of John Wayne Airport in California.

Charles M. Schulz, Sonoma County Airport – Santa Rosa, California

Snoopy flies again – in California wine country. As a smaller airport, Charles M. Schulz, Sonoma County Airport is ideally suited for scheduling private jet charter flights and its location, in the heart of wine country makes it an ideal location for romantic weekend getaways and wine connoisseurs.


Charles M. Schulz, Sonoma County Airport gets you near wine country.

Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield – Doncaster, United Kingdom

Another small airport, ideally suited for long-distance private jet trips, is Robin Hood Airport. This airport was originally a military airport in 1915, but was decommissioned in 1995 and then reopened in 2005 as Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield.

Robin hood statue

Legendary heroic outlaw Robin Hood has an airport named after him.

Burbank Bob Hope Airport – Burbank, California

Interesting bit of trivia for those who don’t visit Los Angeles often is the fact that Burbank Bob Hope Airport is located closer to Hollywood than the more widely recognized LAX airport. The name change of the Burbank airport occurred in December of 2003, only months after Bob Hope’s death on July 27, 2003 at the age of 100.

Bob hope statue

Bob Hope, holding a vintage microphone and wearing an army uniform.

Bob Hope’s dedicated work with the USO over the course of nearly fifty years earned him designation as the first honorary veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces in 1997, making him a fitting choice for an airport.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport – Liverpool, United Kingdom

This international airport was named for one of the most famous Liverpudlians, John Lennon of The Beatles. It offers domestic fight services as well as scheduled flights to several destinations throughout Europe.


Mosaic memorializing John Lennon.

The airport was renamed to honor John Lennon in 2001, 21 years after his death. The interesting note about this is that it is the first airport in the United Kingdom that was named after a person.

Much like the John Wayne, Orange County Airport in the U.S., the John Lennon Airport boasts a seven foot tall statue of John Lennon to greet visitors.

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