Hit the skies! 3.3 million private jet flights took place in 2021 alone. 

Booking a private jet charter is becoming easier, more affordable, and more fun. However, you can’t just book your tickets and expect a smooth journey. In order to get the most out of your charter, you need to follow a few tips. 

What should you do before you book your tickets? Where should you fly to? How can you get additional services from your charter? 

Answer these questions and you can enjoy a luxurious journey in no time. Here are five essential private jet charter tips.

1. Research Your Options for a Private Jet Rental

You can find dozens of private jet charters offering services online. Even if a company seems good, you should do your research to see if it is legitimate. Read customer reviews on third-party websites and ask your friends about any companies they have used. 

You should also think about additional services that the companies offer. Some private jet charters give you limo rides to the airport, concierge services, and access to private terminals. 

A private jet charter may have several jets you can rent out. Take a look at their options and compare the jets to each other. If you are traveling in a group, you should get a plane that can accommodate all of you.

2. Pick Your Destinations Carefully

A private jet can travel to nearly any civilian airport in the United States. However, some airports are better than airports for private planes. Major airports like LaGuardia and Dallas-Fort Worth are extremely crowded, so you will find it difficult to land and take off from them. 

Try to use airports with a reputation of service for private jets. When you’re flying into and out of New York, use Teterboro. Dallas Love Field, Dulles International, and McCarran International are also known for being good airports for private jets. 

You can also use executive airports. Many of these airports are located near business districts, making them ideal destinations for business meetings and conferences. 

Relief airports are secondary airports that relieve traffic congestion in major metropolitan areas. If you cannot use private or executive airports, you should use relief airports and stay away from the world’s busiest airports.

3. Look at What You Pay For

Before you book your flight, you should get a quote from your charter about how much your ticket will cost. Keep in mind that you may pay more money if you are using special services like a concierge. 

You should always pay for insurance. But make sure you know what the insurance covers and how much money you can receive. You should also know if insurance is included in the cost of your ticket or if the private jet rental service offers it separately.

Even if you are flying round-trip, you may want to pay for two one-way tickets instead of a round-trip ticket. Though the sticker price for the round-trip ticket may be cheaper, you may need to pay hidden fees to reserve your airplane. 

If you want to save money, you can fly on empty leg or one-way flights. These are repositioning flights without passengers, and you may be able to book them last minute at lower prices.

4. Remain in Contact With Your Private Jet Charter

You are not done once you book your flight. You should give your charter staff your contact info so they can talk to you in case they need to reschedule your flight or use a different jet. If you are flying in a group, make sure your charter has everyone’s contact details.

The day before your flight, tell your charter about when you will arrive at the airport. You should also tell them if you need help with your bags or getting around the airport. Charters can provide mobility aids like travel wheelchairs. 

After your flight, tell the company what you thought of their services. This lets them make improvements.

Name any employees you thought did a great job. If you fly with the charter again, they can assign the employees to you. 

5. Don’t Forget About Your Other Travel Needs

Many people focus on their flights and forget about the other things they need for a comfortable travel experience. Give yourself plenty of time to pack your bags. Write yourself a packing list so you get everything you need. 

Reserve your ground transportation at the same time as your airfare. If your charter does not provide ground transportation, you can still ask them for a service they recommend. You should also figure out your hotel reservations well in advance of your flight.

You can work while you are on your airplane. But you may need to make a few modifications.

It can be hard to have a phone call, so you can communicate with your colleagues through emails. You may want to bring a pair of headphones so you don’t have background noise while you work. Try to find a private jet that has an office space with a desk or table where you can lay out your things.

Prepare a Great Journey With a Private Jet Charter

Don’t rush your experience with a private jet charter. Take a look at several options before you pick a charter, then look at the fleet and pick an airplane. Select two good airports that won’t be congested. 

Read the fine print so you know what you are paying for and then decide on the other services you need. Talk to your charter and book all of your other travel arrangements in advance. 

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